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May Newsletter!

Hello Reader,

Thanks so much for sticking around with me through the nightmare, known as GDPR. It does have it's good points, but it sent a lot of us authors into a mad frenzy, believe you me.

I really appreciate your patience this month. Just know you can opt out anytime. If you do so, I will delete your info from the database as soon as possible. Once it's deleted, it's forgotten.

No reason is needed. 

* * * *

So what have I been up to other than the GDPR?

 Michael Mandrake is idle at the moment. I'll start work on Mercurio's Mating in June.

If you haven't read the Immortals, you can get the first three books of Immortals on sale for 99 cents. So that's, Demon Be Mine, Immortality's Gift, and Anasa's Awakening. If you haven't heard, most of my books are on Amazon, KoBo, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. I'll be extending the sale until June 8th, so you have time to pick them up. 

BL's very busy. I'm doing a book with my co-author, Remmy Duchene, working on my paranormal short called Love Voodoo, and a rockstar romance called Starf*cked. I'm still doing a Patreon story with co-author Gia Reaves. You can read more here

MM Rainbow Rebels Group

In May I decided to join forces with fellow authors to do an MM readers group on Facebook. We have theme days for all authors to participate and we talk about our own books. It's been a while since I had a fan group of my own, and I've been antsy to have another since I'm sort of a slow writer and shy.

However, if you'd like to join me and other authors in the group, feel free. I'd love to see you guys there! Let me know if you do.

MM Rainbow Rebels Group

What have I been reading?

With so much writing on the works in progress, I haven't had a ton of reading time. I'm way behind on my GR challenge, but I did finally pick up Avril Ashton's Call the Coroner.

Yes, I know it's old, but WOW! This book had me from beginning to end. Miss Av definitely has a way with words. You can find more info about Call the Coroner here

Other books I've read:

Only See You J.D. Chambers

His Knight Charity Parkerson

BFF Devon McCormack

Check out my reader Goodreads Link here

More free stories!

The cover and link attached is for the story on Michael's blog, An Offer I Could Not Refuse, by Michael Mandrake. I took a week off today, but I'll be back on it for next week. Click the cover to read the first 13 parts.

Also free for you to download:

Demon Be Mine Michael Mandrake

Red Hot on the Red Carpet BLMorticia

Serving Under the Gaydar BLMorticia

Also, more stories on Wattpad

Contest for May

For this month's contest, let's give away an e-book of the winner's choice and a $5 GC from Amazon.

Who are the three protagonists (main characters) for the book, Where There's Smoke? (Click the link for a hint)

A: Malik, Camdyn, and Tony

B: Myles, Santiago, and Kajika

C: Myles, Santiago, and Jonas

D: Joe, Brian, and Dusty

The first person to email me the correct answer at will be the winner for this giveaway. 

Congrats to Lindsey M for winning in April. Seems like forever ago, but she won copies of all 4 books in Immortals!

Good luck and thanks again for being an awesome reader! See you next month!

Calisto's Quest

A battle between good and evil or does love conquer all?

For centuries Calisto and Valios had been frenemies, growing up in the ranks on two different sides. Over a mortal year ago, Most High granted Calisto one wish. A night with Valios, the Dark Lord’s son. By doing this, he thought Calisto would get over his fascination with the demon. However, Calisto developed feelings for the Soul Catcher that would never disappear. 

Valios had lost out on true love in two instances, so he created a harem for himself to forget the pain. Though Valios has feelings for Calisto, his loyalty to his fathers’ Luci and Death must be upheld or he’ll face the wrath of both. Because of this, he’s kept his distance, ignoring his desire for one of High’s most prominent angels. Nothing, not even the commitment he seeks, is more imprtant than making his parents proud.

Once Calisto and Valios realize their emotions for one another run deep, they make plans to have children, which runs the risk of enraging their families and bringing punishment to both. 
Calisto and Valios are long time rivals with a chance of gaining something more. Will they bypass it in order stay loyal to their respective sides?

WARNING: Rough sex, violence, and MPreg. Relationships that others might find objectionable. Books must be read in order.

Immortals Series

Buy for $2.99

Caught in the Crossfire


Book three in the PROTEKT series

Musician Bastien Desmarais is thrust into danger, but he’ll have a chance at love—not once, but twice.

Tryst Olivares aka Domingo Macaya was hired by PROTEKT to guard superstar Bastien Desmarais because of threats he’d received. However, Domingo has an ulterior motive. Instead of following through on his PROTEKT assignment, he has other plans that don’t involve the popular entertainer.

Normally independent of security, Bastien sees this move to hire a bodyguard as a hindrance, but he’ll make the best of it. Why not have fun, especially since Tryst has the look Bastien appreciates?

In the midst of searching for a world-renowned felon, Claudius Peltier is very busy. But even this mission can’t deter his infatuation with Bastien. After years hiding his true self, Claudius won’t turn down the opportunity to be something more than the singer’s number one fan.

Three paths cross, leading them all down a very dangerous road. If they can survive this mission to catch a dangerous criminal, they can survive just about anything.


Buy for $3.03
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