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How to Create A Business That Goes Viral and Attract Clients to You

The world today can seem a crowded place. Whatever line of work you are in, you compete with many other people all around the world.

To combat this, we learn more and more marketing ‘hacks’ just to be able to keep our head above water and win enough clients. But it all too easily ends up feeling like a never-ending struggle.

And yet despite this some people seem to burst onto the scene and immediately create a buzz, grab people’s attention, and turn it into sales – without the endless marketing slog so many get stuck in.

How do they do this?

Well as I mentioned last week, my friend John Williams, bestselling author of Screw Work Let’s Play and keynote speaker at the first Joyfully Jobless Jamboree is running a special free event to show you how to create a business & brand that goes viral.

A former senior managing consultant at Deloitte, John has spent the last 15 years helping people turn their ideas & expertise into successful businesses, books, and brands.

John studied those outlier businesses that get almost instant traction and reverse-engineered their approach into what he calls the Pioneer Strategy. He has used the Pioneer Strategy himself to publish two bestselling books with the largest publishing house in the world (now translated into ten languages), run packed live events for 6 years in London, and create online programs that spontaneously attract press coverage from major newspapers and magazines and made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And he’s applied the same principles with the clients of his business The Ideas Lab to get the same results – huge press coverage, #1 positioning of their brand, and untouchable market dominance.

On Wednesday you have a unique chance to learn the Pioneer Strategy directly from John in a live online training showing you the 3 keys to creating your own business & brand that goes viral. And you can ask your questions during the session about how to apply the 3 keys in your business.

Register now for the FREE web event “3 Keys To Creating A Business & Brand That Goes VIRAL”

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