One of the hottest trends in the global travel community is Digital Nomadism. We are going to study this topic in April and believe there are already quite a few digital nomads among our NomadMania members.

In order to kickstart the month, we are asking our existing digital nomads members to give some advice to others on How to become a Digital Nomad.

Please suggest your answer here. You can expect more materials on this topic during April which is officially our Digital Nomad Month.

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... in Bansko Nomad Fest

Bansko Nomad Fest is a major annual event which brings together digital nomads, online entrepreneurs and travel industry leaders.

Join us for a week-long celebration of the remote lifestyle featuring curated conference sessions, fun activities, networking, community led skill shares and of course a lot of fun in the Bulgarian mountain town Bansko.

Use promo code "nomadmania" to get a 10% discount on tickets. 

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Learn more about digital nomadism on The Maverick Show podcast.

Two recent episodes feature conversations with our founder, Harry Mitsidis

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NomadMania Meetings This Spring

During the next two months (April, May) at least six community meetings will take place on three continents: Toronto, Vancouver, The Hague, Melbourne, Barcelona and Athens.

Don't miss the chance to meet other travellers. Everyone is welcome no matter their background, travel style or any 'numbers'!

Check out our Calendar Page for more details and registration.

New DARE places

This week our new DARE places come from the Northern and Central Africa megaregions. Check out: 

Let's zoom in on Cape Bon ("Good Cape"), also known as Res et-Teib or Watan el Kibli, a peninsula in far northeastern Tunisia.

Nestled along the northeastern coast of Tunisia, Cape Bon stands as a breathtaking gem awaiting discovery. With its azure Mediterranean waters gently lapping against the golden shores, Cape Bon boasts an alluring blend of natural beauty and rich history.


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