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My acts are vicious and cruel, vile and life-taking. My demands are unquestioned no matter how depraved. There’s a monster inside me, and the wounds that scar my soul are dark and deep

I’m Dante Simone.
Underboss of the Chicago Outfit.
She walks into the audition, eyes snapping with a fire that could cost her life—if she were to unleash it. Piper Tate crawls beneath my skin on our first encounter. Her audition, a condition of employment I’ve sat through a thousand times, is like no other. It’s magnetic, cementing my traitorous eyes to her lithe form.
She infiltrates every aspect of my life.
A dancer in my club should mean nothing to me, but she’s more.
Piper Tate has cast a spell, making me into a man who blurts Italian endearments without thought. One who gives her full thumbprint access to my penthouse. A guy who makes her breakfast and serves it to her in my bed, even though it drives me crazy.
She’s taken care of me—something I never thought I needed.
And yet, when she uses that access, I bail.
But a no-so-chance meeting in Miami gives us a second chance.
If we make it out alive, that is.
With the shitshow in Miami behind us, Piper is finally mine. I'm on the brink of accepting something I never thought possible. I think I'm falling in love, but how would I know? The monster's never allowed such emotion to fester, and he doesn't find this instance to be an exception.
He lays down the law.
If Piper's going to love me, she has to accept him too.
Through it all, a war is brewing, and our answers have finally come in the most unexpected way. It rocked the Outfit to its core. But the war is here, and preparations will take Piper and me to Boston and into a meeting with the other American Mafia organizations.
Except a single call renders the meeting null and void. An attack has taken place in Chicago that results in Madeline’s kidnapping.
Miami is responsible.
They will be eliminated.
And I’ll be the one to see it done.

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Will Ember find out the truth about Zach? Could he be a Demon Seer?

Ember is a demon hunter, a Xana, who draws her magical powers from male demon hunters, called Inks. She has three whom she loves dearly. Jake, her Thrower who can shoot energy out of his hands; Ryan, her Flyer who can move as fast as a beam of light, and Carson, her Blender who can disappear into thin air. With their assistance, Ember can use all three of these powers to fight the evil Scales who stalk humans and suck their lives away.

When Zach falls into their hands, it seems clear he's not an ordinary human. He seems to be a Seer, a creature much like them but with the ability to see demons from far away, a power Ember's team has been lacking for centuries since the last of the Seers miraculously disappeared.

If Zach is a Seer, he can help Ember hunt down her nemesis, Lilith. But that also means he's a valuable asset others will be coming for. Can Ember and her team keep Zach safe and figure out what he is before Lilith gets her hands on him?

Ember's Flames is a reverse harem romance series for mature readers. It is written as a serial and requires reading the entire series to complete the story in its entirety.

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