Hello, dear friends. This is Orest here, the new partner of NomadMania.

If you happen to have missed the recent big news in our community, please, read the last newsletter or see my interview with our founder, Harry Mitsidis. 

(available in text and video)

It is a great honour for me to step in as a partner. As Harry wrote, you can expect a number of changes. So let me briefly walk you through them in this, the first of our 'new' newsletters.


New Developments in NomadMania


1) The Website is becoming more user friendly

That means that most of the info will be published there instead of in a newsletter, making it much easier to navigate and consume on mobile devices also.

Check it out - nomadmania.com 

*** Your feedback matters 

Please, browse the updated website and give us your feedback. 

Simply fill out ==> THIS FORM.

Considering there are still some bugs we'll be implementing your ideas and recommendations step by step.



2) We are back to NomadMania.COM 

It is shorter than .travel and more serious. So we're back to the roots.

Don't worry. Access to your profile and other information stay the same.


3) Updated content structure

First of all we have launched a proper blog with a few distinct categories: news, interviews, tech feature updates, tours etc.

We'll do our best to keep the following monthly structure: 

  • week 1 - some news 
  • week 2 - interviews 
  • week 3 - new tech feature 
  • week 4 - event or webinar
  • week 5 - optional ...

This can fluctuate and we are still experimenting. But we'll start from here.

4) The Newsletters will be shorter

At the same time, they will be more frequent - on a weekly basis - making them easier to process. You can expect a short update every Wednesday.

We promise not to spam and not to overload you with too much content.


5) Our social media channels are becoming more active

Recently we introduced the initiative whereby our members take over NomadMania accounts for a few days and share their travel experiences.  

See and follow us on: Instagram and Facebook.




6) Webinar - What is a visit (May 27th)

Based on the previous polls where YOU voted and some serious preparation work, our founder, Harry Mitsidis, is going to conduct a webinar explaining our codified rules in regard to what is considered to be a visit. 

More details and registration here - [WEBINAR)] What is a visit


7) Tours

In Autumn we are organising several tours: 

Bratislava, Armenia and Libya (more details).

The highlight will be our Awards ceremony held in Lviv, Ukraine on October 21st with some add-ons trips to Kyiv and Kharkiv. More details coming soon.


Conclusion. That's is for now. Our team is back to work and we'll be super grateful for your feedback on these changes and future improvements. 

Simply fill out ==> THIS FORM.


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