We are thrilled to announce that the voting 'lines' are now open for the NomadMania Travel Awards 2023, and it's all thanks to your enthusiastic nominations! 

This year is extra special as we are hosting the awards live in the charming city of Lviv, Ukraine. 

Remember, only registered NomadMania users who've marked 35 or more regions as visited by September 20th are eligible to vote. So, let your choices be heard and let's celebrate the adventurers who inspire us all.

Please, head over to the nominees page and VOTE NOW.

Your vote is a step towards celebrating the endless spirit of exploration.

New Feature - Add a Friend

At NomadMania, we’ve always believed travel is better when shared. This belief has inspired us to launch an exciting new feature - “Add a Friend.”

Now, connecting with fellow travelers from all over the globe is a click away.

Please note that it is still in a testing mode. So, feel free to send us your remarks and suggestions. 

Learn more about this cool new feature in our latest article HERE.

Travel Book Poll Results

One of the highlights of this Travel Book Month was our engaging Travel Book Poll, which provided a window into our community's reading preferences and habits.

Our members have shared their favorite travel books, reading habits, and how these literary journeys inspire their real-world adventures.

The fascinating findings from this poll are now compiled and analysed in our latest blog post and we invite you to read it. 

Travel Book Webinar Recap

In case you missed it, our Travel Book Month was a real page-turner. We wrapped it up with a Travel Book Webinar which was a lively session on “How to Write & Publish a Travel Book,” diving deep into the creative and technical process of developing a travel book.

If you weren’t able to join us live, don't worry! You can catch up on all the insightful discussions and enriching book presentations right on our youtube channel.

Also check out the title song, recorded with the harmonious voices of 20 enthusiastic travellers. Check it out HERE - try not to laugh too much ;-)

‘Welcome to the Hotel NomadMania’


Exciting news! The "Welcome to the Hotel NomadMania," book by our founder, Harry Mitsidis is now available on Amazon.

With over 20 exotic locations, this Agatha Christie-style narrative is a thrilling journey you wouldn't want to miss.

This past weekend we enjoyed a captivating premiere and presentation by Harry Mitsidis on the book stirring the wanderlust in all of us and starring fictionalised versions of many big travellers. 

Read more about the book and where you can purchase it HERE.

New UN Masters

We are thrilled to witness an increasing number of individuals completing the 193 Challenge by exploring every UN-recognized country in the world. To kickstart October, we are excited to feature two notable additions.

We celebrate Sue Rogers, whose unyielding curiosity led her on a remarkable journey to every corner of the globe, culminating in her recent venture to Afghanistan. This significant trip marked her successful quest to travel despite battling fibromyalgia and Long Covid, Sue's enduring passion for exploration shines as an inspiration.

We also celebrate the remarkable achievement of Ezra Gojenola-Pertika, who has the distinct honour of being, the first Basque to complete the 193 challenge with Cape Verde. His global traverse not only showcases an individual's passion for exploration but also carries the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Basque Country across the borders, marking each nation with a touch of his unique heritage. 

Congratulations to both new UN Masters!


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