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Honoring a Life

Grief in the time of COVID

Sweet People,

I miss seeing you all in person and I hope you are keeping well.

My stepfather, John passed away this week.  He had Parkinson's disease.  

After months of lockdown due to COVID, my mom was finally able to get in to see him the night before he passed.  She said even though he was comatose, she just spoke to him for an hour.  Hearing is the last sense to go.  

He was not in pain.  They had him on morphine.  My belief is that he made the decision to let go.  

Still, the feeling of loss is overwhelming.  I can't go visit my mom and be with her.  The normal ways we would gather and look for acceptance around John's death are not available during this time.   

I know so many people have lost loved ones over the last few months; if that is you, I see you and I grieve with you.

I wrote something earlier this week to begin honoring John's life:

John: the gentlest soul I have ever met. He brought calm with him into every situation. The root of his last name, piacere, means “pleasure” in Italian. His name was a perfect fit; he was literally a pleasure to be around. A builder, a master woodworker, a killer cook of Italian food. He loved Bill Bryson books, Ray Charles, the Red Sox, musical theater and colorful clothes. He always looked sharp. I don’t like saying “was”; it makes no sense. Why is he not here?

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360° Livestream Experience Concert July 2nd

I need to sing for you all and will be doing a very special 360° Livestream Concert Thursday, 7/2.

Tickets for this show are on a sliding scale, starting at just $5!

What does 360° mean?

This concert will be streamed over special high-end equipment that allows the viewer to watch in 3D, so you can feel like you're IN THE ROOM WITH ME!

Presented by Musae/River Spirit Music - when you buy a ticket for $15+, they will send you a set of Virtual Reality Goggles for you to keep!

I will perform a full set, you can comment, request a song, chat with me in real time.  I will also perform my spoken word piece "Chicken Soup."

UK/EUROPE FANS - The stream will be available for ticket holders 48 hours after the show so you will be able to watch it at a reasonable time!

Get Tickets for Jess Klein's 360° Livestream Concert
Something that soothes me

My friend Juliana Finch writes a newsletter called "Hey, I Love You".  Here's a snippet:

Something I am Learning From

This should be required reading for all White people... especially us white progressives who have believed if we are "not racist" or have Black friends or appreciate Black culture, we have done enough and can pretend racism is not our problem [spoiler alert: it is our problem].  

 I am pretty sure doing anti-racist work is a lifelong process; I feel only at the tip of the iceberg of understanding the ways I have benefitted from whiteness.  But I am tired of seeing Black and Brown people wounded/killed by a system that protects people who look like me.  So I am committed to unlearning/learning and taking action.  

I Love You

I have value.  I am powerful.  I am loving.  I am loved.  These are words I am living by right now, and I want you to say them to yourselves too.



Jess Klein

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