'Unspeakable': how can Australia stop the Indigenous suicide epidemic?

[Lorena Allam, The Guardian]

Since the start of this year, 62 Aboriginal people – 15 of them children – have died by suicide. More than half of them were under 25 years old, and the youngest was only 12.

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There's no such thing as an Aboriginal alien and the High Court should say so

[Micah Kickett and Julian R Murphy, The Guardian]

Aboriginal people have occupied the continent of Australia for more than 60,000 years, so why does the Australian government feel justified imprisoning them in immigration detention centres and threatening them with deportation?

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Legal services call for change as ABC Four Corners reveals the abuse of children in police watchhouses

[by Anna Cerreto]

The National Peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS) calls for urgent change to protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the justice system, following last night’s ABC’s Four Corners which exposed horrific abuses of children aged 10-17 held in police watchhouses in Queensland.

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Pilbara Kids Dive Into Swim and Survive

[by Samantha Vigus]

Royal Life Saving WA wants to see all Western Australian children able to swim a minimum of 50m freestyle by the end of primary school. Unfortunately, some children miss out on the opportunity to learn these vital swimming and water safety skills due to their cultural background, location or other social challenges. 

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