Dear beautiful beloved ,

It's a beautiful day where I am. And I hope it's a beautiful day where you are, too! 

I am on a holistic retreat at the Omega Institute in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY. The Hudson Valley is one of my favorite local places to visit. And I have been coming here for years, although this is my first time at Omega. 

I began holistic studies shortly after my gastric bypass in 2003. It began with learning where my food really came from, and grew in many directions from that starting point. And in 2009, when it seemed as though my world was collapsing, I was miraculously gifted with an 8-week mindfulness meditation course at the Princeton Yoga Center for Fitness -- a holistic wellness center in Skillman, NJ. I'll tell you all about it in today's featured blogpost. 

But know this: Whatever demon you are facing, be it mindlessly eating, stress, grief, illness, etc, can be overcome. Mindfulness can be your key to unlocking the chains that bind you. Take it from me, holistic approaches such as mindfulness meditation truly turned my life around. 

May we all realize the power of our minds. 

Living larger than ever,
Cheryl Ann Borne, My Bariatric Life
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I Lost a Lot of “Weight” with Meditation

Not so long ago, I was, so to speak, a hot mess. My husband and I lost our jobs. I was ill and received a serious prognosis. Both my daughter and my mother were battling disease. My mother-in-law died. My daughter, my mother and I each had hospitalizations and surgeries. There were financial problems, arguments and more. I was mired in past thinking (depression) or future thinking (anxiety).

I’m not someone who owns crystals, travels to an Ashram or even reads New-Age magazines. But when therapy and antidepressants failed to help me deal with the overwhelming stress I’d experienced from those events, I tried out MBSR thanks to an unexpected gift.

And it proved to be a turning point in my life.

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    It’s not the events of our lives that stress us, but rather the interpretation of those events.

    - Epictetus

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