Ooof! Stripe deliver another Landing Page masterpiece. This time a One Pager for their upcoming Stripe Sessions event
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Get Inspired
One Page website inspiration.

Get inspired with these unique Single Page websites (full archive) featured on One Page Love over the past week.

Sebastian Graz  
Sebastian Graz Visit ➝
  Unique, stacked project browsing experience in this One Page portfolio for the one-man brand studio of Sebastian Graz. A few lovely touches to note (see my Twitter thread with videos); blurring the background within the project titles as you scroll, the categorised project slider (eg. brand tone, colors) and stating his availability in the contact drop down nav. One of the cleanest One Pagers I've seen this year.   Sebastian Graz Sebastian Graz  
Stripe Sessions 2023  
Stripe Sessions 2023 Visit ➝
  Ooof! Stripe deliver another Landing Page masterpiece. This time a One Pager for their upcoming Stripe Sessions event to be held in San Fran in May. Make sure you dive into this Twitter Thread by Nick Jones on the behind-the-scenes page build.   Nick Jones Nick Jones Stripe Developers Stripe Developers  
Haptic Visit ➝
  Beautifully designed One Pager (now built with Framer) for Haptic, a habit-tracking journal app. Easily the biggest device I've seen in a Landing Page and I love it. Make sure you scroll mid way for the device unpacking animation, wonderful.   Alexey Sekachov Alexey Sekachov  
Kelly Clarkson  
Kelly Clarkson Visit ➝
  Neat parallax effect as you start scrolling the One Pager (built with WordPress) for artist Kelly Clarkson taking pre-orders for her new album, chemistry.   Code Resolution® Code Resolution®Pro  
Mike Matas  
Mike Matas Visit ➝
  Unique horizontal-scrolling One Page portfolio for interface designer Mike Matas. As you scroll through the years, the devices age to align with the project's year. Clicking the project enlarges the device and kicks off a video anecdote about the work.   Mike Matas Mike Matas  
Interesting UI components.

Some recent page components (full archive) I thought were really well designed or found interesting. Each is captured in full HD and links to the original page source. Hit me up if you scroll into something fresh.

Brave Care  
Brave Care Team Section Enlarge ➝
 Look at these happy docs, a team section that makes you feel they really care (and love what they do).  
Sebastian Graz  
Sebastian Graz Contact Details Enlarge ➝
 Mentioned earlier but worth a 'lil demo; Seb states his 2023 Q2 availability in the contact drop down nav. Lovely touch!  
Validate Faster
Landing Page Templates.

Long-scrolling Landing Page templates (full archive) to kickstart and validate your next idea quicker.

Commit Tailwind CSS Template Demo Buy $99
  'Commit' is a One Page changelog template crafted by Tailwind Labs. The long-scrolling design is real tidy and offers dark and light mode. If you are wondering how to share a specific release, the titles have the permalinks you can link to.
Zenith Framer Template Demo Clone Free
  'Zenith' is a free, minimal One Page Framer template built by Studio Family. The multipurpose design features a centrally divided layout with content to the left and a slideshow to the right.
Italic Webflow Template Demo Clone $24
  'Italic' is a Webflow template crafted by Wedoflow for a modern app Landing Page. The long-scrolling layout features a sticky header navigation (with permanently visible CTA button), a beautiful scroll zoom-out on the initial screenshot/demo, press logos, pricing table and customer testimonials.
Upcoming Guest
Yo! Podcast x Ridd

Michael Riddering aka RIDD is recording on the Yo! Podcast in about 24hrs. We're rapping design, online courses, Figma Academy, sour beer and Great Danes... reply to this Love Letter if you have a question for him.

 Yo! Podcast x Ridd
Available to register
Brandable dot com domains.

Give your side project a better first impression with a memorable dot com domain (full archive) I handpicked over the past week. They are all available to register right now. First come, first serve.

FYI: these just sold that we previously listed:

Tweet of the week
My favorite online finds.

A few resources for your next project but also some inspiring links to take a break with. Experienced anything special recently? Holla.

UI Goodies v2 - Jess Eddy has relaunched her resource of digital design resources. Site is blazing fast.
Groovy Stickers - Rahul Chakraborty just dropped this awesome collection of animated & interactive stickers for Framer and Figma. Tons of flavor and only $8.
De-stressing - Alex Charlton cleans up the persuasion tactics at in a detailed cased with bonus Chrome plugin.
A moment with Rob Hopkins - Been sorting out my old iMac files as I’m selling the machine for a recent Mac Studio upgrade. Stumbled upon this hilarious screenshot of an email exchange I had with a Rob Hopkins.
The Accidental Treasure - Ending this Love Letter off with an incredible 20 min surf adventure (the sound mixing is brillint too). Pretty much guaranteed to wreck a work day behind a screen and induce wanderlust... you were warned: NSFW. Also note how they blur the vehicle number plates and even the beer labels so you cannot work out the secret location!
Landing Page Hot Tip
Try font smoothing

Hot Tip #59 is to consider font smoothing.

Simply put, adding the CSS font-smooth property to a font will trim it down very slightly.

While this effect won’t look great on all of your Landing Page typography, it’s particularly effective on ‘chunky’ fonts.

When applied correctly, it can really help polish your typography.

ps. This 11-year-old piece by Krzysztof Szafranek is still the best explanation of font smoothing I’ve read.

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