Melville Residents' Association

Dear Community, 

Ward Councillor Bridget Steer asked us to share the following notification of a Public Meeting regarding Revised Security Access Restriction Policy (Booms)

Public Meeting on Booms - 15 Nov 2018

The Transport Department in the City of Johannesburg is inviting members of the public and interested parties to a public information meeting on 15 November to explain the new process of applying for permanent roads closures.

The meeting will be held at 6pm at the Reception Room, Metro Centre.

The key changes in the policy include:
• Allowing resident associations to use automation such as remotes and push buttons under certain conditions. These conditions require that any automation should be actively managed through human intervention;

• Allowing pedestrian gates to be locked for certain hours at night when there is a proven security consideration;

• Requiring Public Safety (Emergency Management Services and JMPD) to comment on proposed applications before any City approval;

• Requiring road signage at the entrances to the closure, which must indicate the period of validity of a security access restriction;

• While the first approval of a security access restriction only last two years in terms of legislation, renewals can be for a longer period on application by the applicant; and

• Provision for explanatory notes that will be issued from time to time to respond to changes in technology or circumstances and which can assist applicants in preparing their applications.

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