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June26, 2020            

A team of Lithuanian medical professionals arrived to Armenia to help the country's fight with COVID-19       |       Credits @ Lithuanian MFA / Lithuanian Embassy in Armenia

Lithuania provides assistance for Palestine refugees

On 23 June, the Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Raimonda Murmokaitė took part in the Extraordinary Virtual Ministerial Pledging Conference on UNRWA hosted by the governments of Sweden and Jordan. The event in support of Palestine refugees and UNRWA was co-chaired by Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation and the Foreign Minister of Jordan. The conference aimed to ensure that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) bridged the financial gap and received sufficient resources to continue delivering on its mandate.

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Government reaches a decision on the Baltic Sea territory where wind turbines will be constructed

The Government made the decisions necessary for offshore wind development – a wind farm with a capacity of up to 700 MW is planned to be constructed by 2030 in a Baltic Sea territory nearly 30 kilometres from the shore. Offshore wind, which is one of the most efficient and promising energy sources, will make it possible to increase local power generation from renewable sources.

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Invention by Lithuanians can influence beverage industry

Researchers at KTU Centre of Packing Innovations and Research, Lithuania have found a solution, which will help beverage makers to pour the liquid through a 120-micrometre filter from a bottle with solid walls. The invention, commissioned by MV GROUP Production, has already been patented. It will improve the quality of beverages and is suited for mass production.

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IMD World Competitiveness Ranking: Lithuania's economic development is gaining stability

According to the four groups of criteria for the assessment of countries, Lithuania has significantly improved its position in the field of economic development but has declined in the areas of business efficiency, public sector efficiencyand infrastructure assessment.

“Lithuania as a small economy has the ability to quickly reflect the real situation and is not as inert as other larger countries. Therefore, the results of this ranking quite accurately indicate the current competitive situation and the trends of our country are best reflected in the analysis of longer-term rating positions” says Vadimas Ivanovas,
Head of Research and Analysis Division at “Enterprise Lithuania”.

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Convious Crowd Control: The AI-powered solution created by Lithuanians

COVID-19 has made one thing inevitable: leisure venues are not going back to business as usual for the foreseeable future. Concepts such as social distancing and the 1.5-meter economy will redefine social interaction and, ultimately, shape many aspects of how people and venues behave in the future.

With the use of predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence, ​Crowd Control introduces features such as a Reservation Tool for new and pre-sold Tickets &  Season passes, Visitor Spread Management, Online Check-In, Crowd Prediction, Crowd Insights, and Contactless Payments to ensure safety and control by preventing overcrowding at all times.

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What is an eco-therapist and how can plants heal us?

What do you do when your houseplants become too much to manage?

A lot of the time we leave them to dry out, die and eventually they end up in the bin. In Kaunas, Lithuania, Aistė Virketė is one woman on a mission to give these unwanted and unloved plants a second chance - and help their owners while she’s at it.

It all started when Virketė was creating her photo studio. As a plant-lover, she wanted a green backdrop for her images, but buying them from the shops was incredibly expensive. Friends donated plants they no longer wanted but there were never enough, so she started looking elsewhere.

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Vladas Drupas is an aviation legend, who received applauds for his courage during the Holocaust of thousands of people in Israel. Having helped dozens of Jews, the resident of Kaunas Vladas Drupas by no means felt like a hero. Like all The Righteous Among the Nations, he chose not to stand aside
   |       Credits @ URM Lithuania / LRRT

Lithuania Erects Sculpture in Honor of JD Salinger

J.D. Salinger, the American writer best known for his 1951 novel “The Catcher in the Rye,” was honored with a sculpture featuring a rye field near the Lithuanian village where his ancestors lived.

The writer, whose book was popular among the post-World War II generation of college students in the United States but also was banned for decades there, joined other another figure with a statue there: singer Leonard Cohen, whose mother was born in Lithuania.

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Lithuanian author wins prestigious Andersen children’s book award

Autor and illustrator Monika Vaicenavičienė has been awarded the Premio Andersen 2020 prize in Italy for her book, What is a River?

The book, awarded in the non-fiction children’s literature category, was first released in Swedish and has now been translated into more than 10 languages including Lithuanian. The book will be published in English and Somali languages in the autumn.

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Can Eastern Europe teach West what to do with ‘cancelled heroes’?

While colonial-era statues are being torn down in the UK and Belgium, some Eastern European countries have already banished communist-era monuments to isolated parks, like Grūtas in Lithuania. Are there better ways to deal with canceled “heroes”, asks Deutsche Welle.

The fall of a monument is a historical act. There is something irreversible about it. It stands for a victory against the old order, the dawn of a new era. It's no wonder, then, that in the wake of the current anti-racism protests, slave owners and colonial masters of the past are being swept off their pedestals. Their glorified legacy, which has survived to this day in the form of racism, is finally being reevaluated.

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This European Town Turned Their Town Square Into a Beach for the Summer

Vilnius, Lithuania has come up with some creative ways to keep residents happy and healthy during the pandemic.

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, sits a solid three hours away from any coast. But, that isn’t stopping city officials from bringing the seaside to its residents.

On June 23, officials turned Lukiškės Square, the largest square in the city, into an "Open Beach," complete with sand, wooden paths, sun loungers, a lifeguard tower, and changing booths. All this so residents of the city could experience the coastal life without having to travel during the pandemic.

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Lithuania makes their famous ‘pink soup’ available in 30 new versions     |       Credits @ Reuters

July 11-18
24th Thomas Mann Festival

July 11-18 will see Nida welcome summer visitors with the 24th Thomas Mann Festival, offering a series of events named after the great German  writer and admirer of the Curonian Spit.

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11:01 PM - Jun 24, 2020
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Highlight of the Week
Sculpture for J. D. Salinger, author with Lithuanian ancestry

Photo credits @ V.Ščiavinskas

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