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What if you could copy and paste cats?
Cat on copy machine

It would be a nightmare (please don't unsubscribe, cat fans).

Here's a situation I encounter (very) often, and you tell me if you can relate.

I'm filling out some application that requires me to type my entire name a few times. So instead of typing my name again and again (which, mind you, is long) I copy and paste. Seems smart enough, right?

But oh no, I get distracted and while texting my friends, I copy and paste some emoji to spam them. Ok. Time to get back to the application. 

"Enter name: _____" Oh, back to pasting my name. Ok. Here we go.

"Enter name: 🤪

Wait a second. All this technology, yet my laptop only lets me copy 1 thing at a time? It only remembers the emoji I copied and pasted to my friends. I have to now retype my name to then copy and paste that again. Very annoying.

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Maccy ©️
Maccy clipboard manager

If you're anything like me, the concept of a "clipboard manager" should seem so futuristic to you. But this has existed for quite some time now, we just didn't know about it (and if you did, no you didn't).

Maccy, and other clipboard managers, essentially save your "copy history". What does that mean? Following my example above, when I copied and pasted the emoji (🤪), my laptop forgot anything and everything I "copied" before that. 

There's no way for me to go "Hey laptop, before copying that emoji, I copied some other text (my name). Bring that back so I don't have to retype it and then copy/paste that)".  

This is what clipboard managers do. They save a history of all the things you have copied so that instead of retyping something, you simply look back at your copy history. Here's an example of what it would look like if I first copied my name, and then the emoji.

    Maccy clipboard manager

    In this case, you can see that I first copied "Prithvi Rakhyani" and then copied the emoji. As of right now, my laptop only remembers the emoji I copied, but thanks to my clipboard manager (Maccy), I can simply click on the second item (my name) and my laptop will automatically register that as the "last item I copied". 

    This is only an example with 2 items. Often times when I'm applying for jobs, applications will ask me to enter my LinkedIn,  my personal website, and other important pieces of information. 

    Writing all of these manually, or even opening up the websites to then copy and paste them individually takes a lot of time.

    Clipboard managers have sped this process up significantly for me.

    Maccy clipboard manager

    In the case of Maccy specifically, it allows me to search using a search field (convenient if I have a really long history); and even clear my copy history if I want to start fresh.

    Downloading and using Maccy is absolutely free, on a "pay-what-you-want" price model. That means you can pay anything from $0, to whatever amount you think is fair.

    Please note: Maccy is a Mac app (so it will not work for Windows). Nonetheless, since a few of you said you had Windows machines, here's a very decent alternative: Snatch. Fun fact, Snatch (also free) was actually inspired by Maccy, so the functionality between both is quite similar. 

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    Some of you might know this, but streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others, offer way more content than they're showing you. Depending on your location, these platforms modify the library of content displayed to you.

    That means that if you're living in a country like Panama, you will not have access to The Office (whereas someone living in the USA will). Which shouldn't be fair, so here's a trick for you.

    NordVPN is a VPN service available on all your devices, that lets you change your "location". Do you live in the US? You will get to change your location to somewhere like the United Kingdom so Netflix gives you access to all the British content you don't currently have. 

    Not to mention that your data is encrypted which will make you significantly more safe while you use the Internet! NordVPN is currently having their end-of-summer sale with their best plan costing only $3.71 a month (it's the plan I'm currently on). A cup of coffee a month for international content and your privacy.

    Price? Free⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Format? Maccy (Mac), Snatch (Windows) ⭐⭐⭐

    Prithvi Rakhyani 🤪 Prithvi Rakhyani 🤪 Prithvi Rakhyani 🤪
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