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NEWSLETTER November 2019 - January 2020

An update on some activities carried out in implementation of the Plan of Action for Prevention, Protection and Solutions for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) 2018–2020 to mark the 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement (GP20).

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Internally displaced children attend an Awapit language class in the Awá settlement in Villagarzón, south-west Colombia. In 2009, the Awá indigenous people in Tortuga-Telembí fled their homes after FARC rebels killed members of their community. In 2016, some families from the community were given land near the town of Villagarzón, and have since been surviving on their own.

Guiding Principle 9

States are under a particular obligation to protect against the displacement of indigenous peoples, minorities, peasants, pastoralists and other groups with a special dependency on and attachment to their lands.

National Action
Somalia: New policies on internal displacement

In November, Somalia acceded to the Kampala Convention and approved the National Policy on Refugee Returnees and IDPs, the National Eviction Guidelines, and the Interim Protocol on Land Distribution. The policy on refugee returnees and IDPs benefited from a consultative process, including with IDPs and key stakeholders. The Somali government is currently working on a National Durable Solutions Strategy.

Ethiopia: Launch of the Durable Solutions Initiative

Ethiopia’s national Durable Solutions Initiative (DSI) was launched in Addis Ababa on 06 December. The Initiative – developed by the government, the United Nations, international and national non-governmental organizations and donors – seeks to ensure that the internally displaced are supported to return, integrate or relocate voluntarily. Watch a short video on the DSI here.

Ethiopia: Multi-stakeholder evaluation of draft IDP law

To evaluate a zero-draft national IDP law owned by the Ministry of Peace, 50 high-level regional and federal officials and partners including the Durable Solutions Initiative, participated in a workshop facilitated by Professor Chaloka Beyani of the London School of Economics. The Ministry of Peace in collaboration with UNHCR hosted the event in December 2019, which followed an initial workshop in November 2019.

Sudan: Evidence base established for durable solutions

A first-ever partnership in Sudan among the government, UN agencies and World Bank, with IDP participation, has produced an evidence base to inform durable solutions responses in IDP camps in North Darfur. The findings and recommendations launched in December are available in the report  and an interactive story map, while a separate article discusses the methodological approach.

DRC: Strengthening capacities on internal displacement

The UN Joint Human Rights Office led internal displacement training and awareness raising events with UNHCR and the National Council of Refugees at the end of 2019 in Bunia, Uvira, Tshikapa, Kananga and Kalemie. Participants included the police, military, immigration service, intelligence service, local council officials, and political and administrative authorities. State and local authorities requested additional training and the creation of a forum to regularly asses the situation of IDPs and refugees.

Niger: Implementation of IDP law

The technical committee for the implementation of Niger`s IDP law drafted and proposed four texts for adoption. Training modules on key concepts in the law including prevention of internal dislpacement, protection, assistance and durable solutions for IDPs were finalized and followed by a training of trainers, who trained 240 participants in 8 regions.

South Sudan: Displaced by floods

Following three months of unprecedented rainfall in late 2019, IOM and other humanitarian agencies in cooperation with the South Sudanese government scaled up efforts to meet the needs of internally displaced people and host communities in response to devastating floods that have affected over 900,000 people in the country. Read more here.

El Salvador: Adoption of law on internal displacement

Passed by a majority in the National Assembly on 9 January, the new law on internal displacement is promising for the estimated 71,500 IDPs in the country. It calls for a whole of government approach to resolving internal displacement and among other provisions establishes a mechanism for protection of property left behind. The law reflects the growing momentum in Central America to recognize and respond to the phenomenon of internal displacement. The law can be accessed here.

Honduras: Better understanding of internal displacement

A new agreed-upon, nationwide evidence base on violence-induced displacement in Honduras shows that there are 247,000 IDPs in the country. Led by the Interinstitutional Commission for the Protection of Persons Displaced by Violence, the process brought together diverse partners, including government entities, UNHCR and World Vision, as well as JIPS. Read more here.

Haiti: 10 years after earthquake

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and remember its victims, IOM Haiti, its Goodwill Ambassador Phyllisia Ross and a group of Haitian women artists have released the song "Goudou Goudou". Named for the way Haitians describe the earthquake which devastated their country, the video is helping to raise funds for Haitians who remain displaced and still need support. Watch the video here.


Kosovo: Multi-stakeholder attention to internal displacement

Multiple events at the end of 2019 with the Ministry of Communities and Returns, UN agencies, local NGOs, IDPs and host communities highlighted the need for improved coordination to address the needs of IDPs, including on sexual and gender-based violence and self-reliance, and the readiness of IDPs to be engaged in achieving durable solutions. IDPs were also trained on entrepreneurship.

Ukraine: Durable solutions for IDPs

In November, the Ukrainian translation of the IASC Framework on Durable Solutions for IDPs and recommendations for IDP housing solutions were presented at a multi-stakeholder discussion on a new governmental strategy on durable solutions for IDPs. Next steps include elaboration of the new durable solutions strategy as well as a housing programme for IDPs. Read more here.

Middle East
Iraq: Including IDPs with disabilities

The Government of Iraq, the UN, international NGOs and civil society actors are making efforts towards addressing the barriers faced by persons with disabilities. IOM launched a two-year strategy for inclusion of displaced and other persons with disabilities on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities in December.

Regional Action
Electoral Participation of IDPs in Africa

In November, the African Union and Association of African Electoral Authorities brought together Election Management Bodies from across the continent to discuss IDP participation in elections for the first time. It was noted that electoral participation of IDPs must be approached with boldness, sensitivity and pragmatism while managing risks. IDPs should be disenfranchised. If the process is properly managed, their participation can bring and secure the peace. More here.

African Union celebrates the 10th anniversary of Kampala Convention

AU member states, the AU Commission, UN agencies, NGOs, civil society and IDPs participated in this event. Recommendations included full ratification and implementation of the Convention with a whole of government approach and establishment of a platform for sharing experiences, soliciting pledges and providing support for durable solutions. Soon after this commemorative event, Ethiopia`s Council of Minsters approved the ratification of the Kampala Convention.

Good practices on durable solutions in the IGAD region

Following the exchange among IGAD Member States and other stakeholders on durable solutions to internal displacement in October 2019, the recommendations and good practices shared at the event have been published. Read the recommendations and good practices here.

Council of Europe on the role of local and regional governments on IDP protection

The Council of Europe`s Congress of Local and Regional Authorities stressed the essential role that local and regional authorities play in promoting integration, participation and non-discrimination of IDPs. They can facilitate IDPs’ access to services and ensure the effective exercise of their human rights, and raise awareness among host populations about the situation of IDPs. Read more here.

Global Action
Movement calls for strengthened action on internal displacement

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement adopted a resolution on internal displacement at its 33rd Conference in December. It calls for strengthened implementation of the Movement`s 2009 policy on internal displacement, with a focus on urban displacement, prevention of the conditions that lead to displacement, IDP participation and laws and policies on internal displacement. The ICRC will report on implementation of the resolution in 2021.

GP20 Steering Group Meeting on engagement of IDPs

Governments, UN agencies and NGOs gathered in December to discuss the inclusion, participation and leadership of IDPs with examples from the government of South Sudan, World Vision in Honduras and UNHCR in Myanmar. Emphasis was put on the importance of building trust, managing expectations and ensuring that participation is meaningful. Concrete examples of progress and challenges were shared. Read more here.

Sanremo Annual Course on Internal Displacement

In November, the Sanremo Institute of International Humanitarian Law, the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of IDPs and UNHCR led a course on internal displacement in English and, for the first time ever, in French. Senior representatives of over 30 governments, civil society organisations, national human rights institutions and UN agencies attended. Sign up for the next course here, and see a free course here.

Durable Solutions Analysis: Lessons From Iraq, Sudan and Somalia

Co-organised by JIPS and the Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS), this webinar discussed three cases of durable solutions analysis and what we could learn from these. JIPS also launched a durable solutions analysis learning community, to enhance exchange.

GP20 Webinar on IDP data provisions in laws and policies

Bringing the examples of Vanuatu, Georgia and Honduras, this webinar discussed what laws and policies should say about data on internal displacement and the practicalities of implementing these provisions in protracted and other displacement situations. Listen to the webinar here.

GP20 Webinar on Disaster Displacement

This webinar discussed how governments can be supported to include provisions on disaster displacement in their DRR strategy and planning, and examples of targeted DRR measures that build resilience and reduce the risk of displacement for the most vulnerable. Listen to the recording here.

Global Protection Cluster will launch new strategy on 6 February

The Global Protection Cluster will launch its new strategy on 6 February at the International Conference Centre of Geneva at 17:30 together with the Child Protection Area of Responsibility. All are invited to attend. The agenda, concept note and flyer are available here.

International Recommendations on IDP Statistics (IRIS)

In March 2020, the Expert Group on Refugee and IDP Statistics (EGRIS) will submit the IRIS to the UN Statistical Commission for endorsement. Read about two particularly challenging topics: measuring the outflow from the IDP stock, and ensuring global coordination of IDP statistics.

New Resources
Somalia: IDP participation

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Durable solutions in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan

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Securing durable solutions for children

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Somalia: Durable Solutions Consortia Lessons Learnt

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Somalia: (Re)integration lessons learnt

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Technologies to access and assist displaced children

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