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February 22, 2020

"...excellent scripted battle scenes which makes you feel you are in the middle of the battle."- ST

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On the Homefront

It was a bitterly cold week here in London, but Carol made up for the bad weather by preparing some delicious meals. She is the cook of our family, but I'm the expert at doing the dishes!

Ever heard of London Broil? If you look it up on Wikipedia, you’ll find there are several differing descriptions. Ours was very special as Carol used beef tenderloin wrapped around Italian pork sausage, and it was amazing! She also made enough that we could have it for multiple meals, but I ate it too fast to take a picture, so here are the pups in the snow!

Interconnected Series

If you saw my Facebook Live Video last Monday, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. As of right now, I have four series of books on the go, all of which take place in the same world, which is called Eiddenwerthe. (A quick thank you to Pamela B for this suggestion in the name the world contest I had last year!)

Though each series can stand alone, there are interconnecting threads between them. Thus some of the events in Heir to the Crown are reflected in The Frozen Flame and The Chronicles of Cyric. This will continue going forward with my new series, Power Ascending.

Now, you might think that having so many series on the go makes me too busy, but in actual fact, they are connected in more ways than you might realize. Not only is the world shared, but all the stories are heading on a collision course.

That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t read each series in and of itself, but if you like my books, you’ll get even more out of this over-arcing storyline. To a lesser extent, there are multiple secondary characters that will appear in more than one series of books, a fact that will become more obvious once Power Ascending is finished.

For example, Cyric is in two series already, and who knows where he might show up next! And what about those Orc warbows!!!

What interconnected threads have you already noticed between the three series?

Cover reveal for Defender of the Crown!!!

I have to be honest, this is one of my favourite covers of all the ones that my talented graphic designer has created.

I love how the light from the red hot speartips glows on the crown. I also really like the storm clouds in the background as it truly foreshadows the forboding theme of the book.

Defender of the Crown is in its final rounds of beta reading, and will soon be in the hands of the proofreader, which means it is almost ready for me to share with you!

Until then, I will leave you with the book's tag line to pique your interest:


The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy!

The World of Eiddenwerthe - Calabria

Calabria lies in the southeast of Halvaria, and it was absorbed by the Halvarian Empire in 1074 SR (Saints Reckoning). As a vibrant country, with a well-equipped army and a substantial number of ships, it made an attractive target for the growing might of Halvaria.

Calabria was an old kingdom, dating back to the earliest of human realms. Though many claim that Herani is the oldest known Human city, there are many Calabrians who believe that Alantra, their own capital, is even older.

The realm was at its height by 230 SR. At that time, it rose to dominance as a sea power and traders from Alantra could be found in foreign ports all over the Continent. Over time, other kingdoms of the Shimmering Sea became wealthier, relegating Calabria to a minor power. Despite this set back it remained one of the oldest realms in the land, with their nobility able to trace their lineage uninterrupted for more than a thousand years.

All that came to an end in 1074 when it was finally absorbed by Halvaria. Calabria is featured in the upcoming short story Tempered Steel.

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Work in Progress Update

Having now put Tempered Steel behind me, I’m on to Temple Knight. The first order of business was to revamp the outline, providing more detail based on the background I created in the prequel. At the moment, this one looks to be about the same length as one of the Heir to the Crown books, weighing in at about 120,000 words.

Starting a new series is a little stressful, as there’s always the worry that readers might not connect with a character, but I feel as though I really know Charlaine and Ludwig now. This is the real advantage of having written the prequel before starting the series.

The story, like my others, will consist of three acts. The first two are outlined in a lot of detail, but I’ll likely take a day or two more to cement the third act. It does, after all, have to feel suitably epic. I already know how it will end. It’s the in-between stuff that needs fleshing out.

It will also have some returning characters from other stories, along with quite a few new and interesting ones. The big problem with writing a story like this is that it makes me want to further explore these newcomers; perhaps some new tales are in the future? I’ll have to wait and see.

Until next time, Happy reading!

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After a terrible revelation, Serra and her friends leave the crew and are forced to join the rebellion against the city of Adhelm. But things are not what they seem, a new enemy lurks in the darkness, threatening everything Serra holds dear.
Faced with scrutiny, loss, and an impossible task, Serra must find a way to let go of her past and save her new home.

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