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Share a Coffee

Good Monday Morning!

Welcome to Issue #27 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Yaro Bagriy!

Yaro Bagriy - @yarobagriy

Yaro decided after his first day at his first job that corporate life wasn’t for him. Since then he’s been finding a path to freedom.

He’s big on taking multiple diversified small bets. Some of those bests include real estate rentals, Bitcoin, stocks dividend portfolio, and digital products.

His main focus is Newsletter Crew, a podcast, blog, and community focused on helping you become a more successful newsletter creator. He’s also working on a few micro-SaaS projects on the side.

Follow Yaro on Twitter @yarobagriy and be sure to check out Newsletter Crew.

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Yaro was nominated by Vidya (Issue #24)

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Kitchener, ON Canada

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