A month of education!

Dear Friends and Supporters, last month witnessed many significant achievements of our education outreach team.

We finished two training courses, a release and some interesting activities we want to share with you. Read on!

Successful training for Pu Mat

Pu Mat National play a significant role in wildlife conservation of Vietnam. Pu Mat also hold many important species of carnivores and both Chinese and Sunda pangolin. Improving habitat protection in Pu Mat NP is not only helping the existed wildlife population there, it also helps to secure the habitat for our reintroduction programs.

Last month, our team brought some fresh materials, up-to-date figures and touching stories about conservation to 103 rangers in Pu Mat. We talked, we played games, we improved together. Moreover, we also planned for several projects in future to deal with illegal wildlife trade, combating illegal hunting or raise awareness for local communities.

Our staff on the way to become interpreters

Interpretation is the new "black" for wildlife education!

Thanks to Winnie Chan - a former environmental educator holding Certified Interpretive Trainer (CIT) from the National Association for Interpretation, our team learned about the role of interpretation for the first time and how we can apply the technique into our current projects or training materials.

New interactive game for Education Center

With the generous support from Wildlife Protection Solutions, we just added a new interactive game in our Education Center.

Within several minutes of selecting Yes or No on a touch screen, the visitors will gain a better insight of some popular wildlife trade activities in Vietnam and how to act for each situation.

It's also costly to organize these training courses and run tours without charging any fees.
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Rescue and release keep going

Twenty-five pangolins made it back!

Under the caring hands of our vets and keepers, surviving rate of rescued pangolins in our center are going up, more and more pangolins make it back to the forest in good shape. Last month, we also released another 25, adding up to 143 pangolins released in 2017.

Another leopard cat safe from the trade

One late June, a Vietnamese drove 100 km to our rescue center to hand over a beautiful leopard cat. He is now under close care of our staff to see if we can release him back.

More updates will follow on our Facebook page.

Kim passed her six months!

It has been six months since the day Kim was rescued. From a fragile, tiny orphan, she turned into a healthy, active pangolin.

To celebrate the event, Hai, our Vet decided to give Kim a special present. Check it out!

We made it to European TV

All the activities mentioned above were filmed by a crew from ARTE - a public Franco-German TV network. The pangolins, the binturongs together with our staff will be featured in 360¬į Geo Report series. If you are in the neighborhood, don't miss it!

Joining Sunda Pangolin Workshop

In a workshop hosted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, our team sat down with pangolin experts from all over the world in Singapore to discuss for an action plan protecting Sunda pangolin. Thai, our director, also had a chance to share about our activities involving this critical endangered species.

It was not only a good chance to learn from other rescue centers' experience but also to contribute to develop some detailed strategies for the pangolins.

Do you think you can help?

Join us with Pu Mat project

For the up coming projects in Pu Mat, we are looking for a professional volunteer to work with us for a year.

More details can be found here.

Donate for a running campaign

Last month, Wayde Nash - a friend, a supporter of SVW - just finished a 70 km run of Tamdao Mountain Trail to help raise fund for us.

Support us by joining him at YouCaring.

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Thank you!

Last but not least, we want to thank you - all of you for your kind words, generous donations and everything. We do believe that all of our efforts will pay off someday with a safe land for all kind of animals, not just Vietnam.

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