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Big Creek Connects – Event
RiverDay 2020 – Saturday, June 20th

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Discover this hidden green treasure and dig in to its history

EXPLORE BIG CREEK VIRTUALLY on a video tour of the abandoned channel of Big Creek known as the Brooklyn Oxbow. The tour guides are Bob Gardin, executive director of Big Creek Connects and Roy Larick, PhD, from Bluestone. This video shows and explains the history of this area known as the "Kingdom". The geologic formations, cliffs and outcroppings of Cleveland and Chagrin Shale are explored; the rare Maple-Oak-Sasafras-Ash forest are examined; and the need to protect this rare piece of land in the middle of the city from invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed is explained.

You can also view a Cleveland Metroparks’ Monday Meetup presentation to learn about the area’s history - from an ancient sea, through the glacial period and the man-made isolation of the former Big Creek channel, to the unique environment that exists there today.

Video tour of Brooklyn Oxbow:


Go to RiverDay 2020:

River Day is presented by Cuyahoga River Restoration. The annual event is an opportunity to spend some time along the Cuyahoga and its system of wetlands, tributaries and, of course, Lake Erie, where the river ends. This River Day 2020 is a little different. Life is different. Our world is different. But the river flows on and its story of restoration and recovery inspires us. Let's celebrate the amazing comeback of our wonderful waterway.

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Brooklyn Oxbow section of Big Creek along I-71
Dr. Larick explains the geologic shale outcropping
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