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'Aphrodite's Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica After Midlife'
The Birth of a New Book
.......and PUSH!

As you get this newsletter, I'll be in the air heading back to North Carolina for the East Coast launch at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

In my last newsletter, I compared getting a book to publication to giving birth.  I'm now more convinced than ever - the 'push, PUSH' at the end is very similar!  Changes in the venue, who can be there, who can read, travel challenges - about 6500 miles in a week, it all adds up to a most pleasurable pain.

But we are done! Aphrodite's Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica After Midlife is released upon a waiting world.

Back to the East Coast launch: Flyleaf is a terrific independent bookstore and a great place for a reading. I'm thrilled that contributor Mya Thomae will travel from her home in Wisconsin to join me in conversation about the book. We will share writing activities, stories, and interview excerpts, and discuss how writing our erotic stories pushes back on ageism and sexism by making us vividly visible. It promises to be a fun and thought-provoking evening! Hope to see you there.

No more PRE-ORDERs, you can actually buy the real Aphrodite's Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica After Midlife from actual bookstores.

The link on that page will let you order from all the usual suspects, but I'd like you to think about your local bookseller too - give them a call, please! Penguin Random House has a list of stores.

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Let's Have Fun in Chapel Hill!

The East Coast launch is set for October 2nd at Flyleaf Books, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Writer Mya Thomae and I will share writing activities, stories, and interview excerpts from Aphrodite's Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica After Midlife

 It promises to be a fun and thought-provoking evening! Join us if you can, I'd love to say "Hello".

So How Was it For You?

A day after the West Coast launch of Aphrodite’s Pen on the actual publication day, September 24, 2019, I was still blissed out. What an exquisite evening! We were blessed with six of the twelve contributors to the book, reading interviews and stories for an enthusiastic crowd. The venue, Good Vibrations in Berkeley, is a woman-owned and operated erotic toy store – the perfect setting for our event. Our editor from North Atlantic Books, Alison Knowles, was on hand along with publicists Julia Sadowski and Bevin Donohue. I loved sharing this special evening with them.

Our readers spanned the full range of experience, from new erotic writers Rene Johns and Sue Kay, to established writers like Dorothy Freed (author of Perfect Strangers) and award winning erotic poet Jan Steckel. The message of the evening, like the message of the book, was to welcome new writers to join us, playing with words and capturing our stories.

Jan Steckel kicked off the event with an interview excerpt, sharing her transition from physician to erotic writer (her father once introduced her at a party by saying, “This is my daughter Jan. She used to be a pediatrician and now she’s a pornographer”). 

Billie Berlin performed two stories, including “Summertime 1957,” about an encounter with Elvis on a hot summer day.
Rene Johns and Sue Kay both read from their interviews about the joy of discovering erotic writing in workshops with supportive writers.
Fran Spector read her story about an encounter with a sexually charged statue in a museum.
Dorothy Freed's interview  closed out the readings, taking the long view as a sexual woman and a writer. She remembered reading to an audience five days after her stroke, when she had limited function in her hands and could only make an X. “An X for an X-rated story!” she recalled one attendee saying, “What  genius!” During the book signing after the reading, one audience member asked Dorothy to sign his copy of Aphrodite’s Pen with an X. She loved it.  

Another attendee asked me to sign his copy and said, “It was amazing to see this. You were just like a family up there.” He was right. For all of us who read, writing erotica together builds incredible camaraderie. One of my favorite chapters in Aphrodite’s Pen is “Writing Sisters.” It is about the joy of being in an Elderotica writing group, and includes instructions for how to set up your own group. Writing erotica on your own is great. But having experienced writing together and the friendships that come from it, my fond hope is that Elderotica writing groups will spring up all over the country.

For women past midlife to make ourselves visible through erotic writing is an act of rebellion. I’m proud to be part of this joyful revolution.

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When the British blogger “Girl on the Net” read an advance copy of Aphrodite’s Pen, it left her wondering why I had written a story about coming back to sex after hysterectomy.  I was glad to write the story behind the story of “The Scotsman’s Birthday.”  It was even more fun to read her reaction:  “Stella is amazing,” said the Girl.  “When I first read her guest blog, it made me want to dance and shout stuff from the rooftops.”  You can read my guest blog here - and do let me know if it makes you dance! 

N.B. Her web site is definitely NSFW!

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I’ve recently launched a FREE mini-writing class online to develop a sexy story from start to finish in a week. 

Each day Monday through Friday, you'll get an email prompt to write about a different story element – character, setting, sensory experience – and then at the end of the week on Saturday & Sunday, instructions to bring together the elements into a finished story. 

It’s a fun and easy way to write story, and you can enroll here.  Please feel free to share the link with any friends who'd be interested.

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