Hello Friends,  This Newsletter is short.  Over the past year while doing research for a small transformer I found a nice transformer which works on 120 volts.  I sold 12 EarthTides with this transformer and have three left. .  They CANNOT be used in Europe or Australia and places where 240 volts is used. This EarthTides can be used in the United States, Mexico, Canada and countries that use 120 volts.  These last three 110 Volt systems are selling wholesale for only $450 which includes shipping anywhere in America.  If you live in Canada, the unit plus shipping is $475.  These links will work until these last three are sold.

So there is no confusion, these last three units work with 120 volts.  

EarthTides are now being made with transformers that work all over the world.  No manual switching is required. 

Kindest regards,   Christopher

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