Script ideas again.

They keep trickling into my head. Last time I shared them with you was May 2021. Here's another batch of ideas, two 'alien' themed ones!

Farming it out to Earth.

Strange internet messages from unknown sources ask people to sign on to do tasks for enormous amounts of money. Those who sign on get in the mail strange contraptions where they have to perform actions repeatedly, for a few hours a day. For that they get, say $500 added to their bank accounts. Anyone who can access this service does so quickly, and soon the whole planet earth is pretty much filled with happy workers who do very little a day and make good money.

One day an alien spaceship lands on earth, the aliens look angry. They try to confiscate or destroy as many contraptions as they can. They leave, warning further attacks if the people of earth do not cease.

It seems this alien world was using Earth for cheap labor, as back on their home planet those same tasks earn the aliens the equivalent of $1500 a day. The visitors were a rag-tag rebellion group of aliens trying to end this cheap 'farmed out' labor.

The Bad Sock

A sign on a laundromat says 'closed for satanizing.' A man assumes it is a typo (surely they must mean 'sanitizing') and walks away. Inside they really are summoning the forces of the devil to control the laundromat. The man comes back when they're open, and does his laundry, unaware of the possession of his other sock, which travels to hell. He sorts his clean clothes and discovers the sock missing. It's really down in Hell trying to control his life!

The Visitor.

You have a visitor... a distant nephew who you never knew you had. You were always his favorite uncle he says, and he's spending the whole day with you, not letting you out of your sight. He wants to take you to the ballgame, ditch work etc. You ask him what's wrong, and you find out later that evening when going to bed early (all that fun stuff wore you out). As you're getting progressively weaker and sleepy your nephew says he loves you so much, and that he's from the future and knows this is the day you succumbed suddenly to a fatal black-out around this time. He wanted to spend as much time with you as he could, to enjoy what little time there was. A little machine they invented in his time let's you go back -just once- to a former day to re-live it. The man dies...

Weekend at Batmans

There's a superhero team, teenage sidekick and the main guy. The main guy dies, but the teenage sidekick doesn't want anyone to know, lest he loses his access to the main guy's day to day existence as a multi-millionaire and all his fortune. The sidekick has his mortuary worker friend keep a secret and preserve the main guy's body. The sidekick stuffs him into the 'batmobile' type car. He puts on his glove when punching the bad guys in that darkened warehouse for the fight scene. He has him wearing his cowl whenever appearing on television.

Things are going good until relatives of the main guy are worried about his disappearance. The sidekick takes a call from the police commissioner asking the main guy to track him down. The sidekick puts on his costume (it's a little baggy) and holds up the main guy's everyday self for the TV cameras to photograph. Everybody's happy. But the mayor has scheduled a press conference to celebrate his return... asking for the crime fighting duo and the main guy as his day to day self to show up!

Take me to your Fetish

The aliens have conquered Earth using non-destructive means. They've zapped out our communications infrastructure, and are now in the process of re-starting it. It seems the only computers and computer software unaffected were off-line or buffered files -usually containing porn. Unknowingly, the aliens assume the way people interact with each other on these porn sites is the normal way people behave on Earth. They begin to re-establish society based off Earth's pornography.

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