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An extraordinary year comes to an end
2020 - Year of process digitisation?

Hello !

this year will be remembered by all of us. Too many people in our neighbourhood have suffered from the health consequences of CORONA virus and I'm affraid all of us suffer from the economic impact.

At the same time, many companies recognise their deficits in digital processes. Despite all the negative aspects, this is a good opportunity for us AppGineers to contribute our skills. With AppGini, you have a tool in your hands that can quickly bring good results.

We can connect home office workstations to company networks via the intranet or extranet, and provide applications so that users can collect and consume data in a decentralised manner with centralised storage.

So at the end of this year, we are left with the hope of improvement and the ambition and courage to continue developing excellent applications for more digital than analogue processes in the coming year. With fresh energy we want to contribute to making your AppGini applications even more interactive and intuitive than they already are out of the box.

We wish you and your families all the best for the last days of the year and a better 2021 for all of us.

With Kind Regards,
Jan Setzer
Welcome, new customers!

Welcome to our community! For beginners I recommend visiting the following links. The helpful tips there will hopefully help you in your work and make troubleshooting easier:

And now: Have fun and success with AppGini and our tools!

An alternative view for Table Views
RFC: Tile view

Some time ago I thought about alternative representations in Table View (TV). Here is an idea that I would like to present to you. The "cards" (static cards or flipcards) can be customized in Javascript, also the style by using CSS.

I have written an article with more details, which you can read here.

Perhaps you will find this interesting or have some ideas of your own. I ask you for feedback. I will gladly receive your feedback by email to

If enough customers are interested, I consider publishing this as an extension.

Please note: this functionality is not yet included in our products

Take a closer look
Latest version of AppGini Helper Javascript Library

In case you missed it: We published the new version of our AppGini Helper Javascript Library at the end of October 2020

A few features:

  • Detail View (DV)
    • activate custom tab or children tab by code
    • hide custom tab or children tab by code
    • hide columns of children tab tables by code
    • add custom form-footer by code
  • Table View (TV)
    • change title
    • add buttons to every row
    • react to selection (checkbox-check)
  • Common functions
    • invert navbar colors
  • Helper functions
    • get URL parameters
    • build links to table views
    • build links to detail views
    • get current user (memberID)

See our full changelog here

AG Helper Javascript Library


Remember to clear the browser cache after replacing libraries and after making changes to your scripts and styles. Otherwise, your browser may continue to use the outdated code instead of loading the current code from the server.

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Without update option or after expiration you can continue using your current (but outdated) version or you can order the new version directly here. It is also available together with other components, in the AppGini store.


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Blog articles

Print multiple detail view pages with page-break

Printing multiple custom detail views page by page can cause problems because they are printed continuously by default and not page by page. I show a simple trick using CSS to solve this problem. This trick is not new - and yet I hope it helps some of you.

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Styling a Detail View

Today I am going to take you on a trip from a default, generated detail view to a UI-modified detail view using the latest version of our AppGini Helper Javascript Library (which is 2020/10/26). Follow me!

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Styling a Table View

After we took care of the styling of the Detail View last time, today I will adapt the corresponding Table View.

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