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Hi .

Yes we really are giving away a Massive $10,000 Bonus for people who pick up the 100k Shoutout Course & AmpFire Software combo by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.


We held a webinar very early this morning to explain our bonus which includes the following items:

  1.   Live Mastermind Experience Ticket In Barcelona Spain

    (4 Days of Insane Fun & Growth)

    - This includes 1 day of teaching and seminar, and 1 day of pure fun activity and hanging out with us and also includes a 2 Day Mastermind with Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz when you pick up 100k ShoutOut.
    $8000 Value

  2. $500 AMEX Travel Voucher To Help With Your Travel Expenses
    $500 Value

  3. 5000 Credits & Lifetime Access Into Keyword Supremacy v3
    - We'll be launching the new version of KWS in a few weeks, but we show you all the crazy updates coming to KWS in the webinar replay.
    $997 Value

  4. PixelScout Pro Account with 750 Credits
    $514 Value

  5. Project Supremacy v3 AccountWith $497 In Shop Upgrades
    $497 Value

That's over $10,000 in bonuses!

Even if you can't make it to Barcelona Spain for the live event, there's still over $2000 worth of Software bonuses that you can grab, which basically pays for the 100k Shoutout software, so it's a MASSIVE deal on right now!

Make sure to watch the replay right away, because this offer expires in a few days.

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