Well, here we are.

The end of the year. The end of the decade, really.

The weight of this ending didn't really hit me until just this week. I was just going about my business, choosing my "word of the year" and creating a new blog plan. You know. Like I do every December.

And then it hit me that this is the end of the decade. The last time the decade changed was in 2009-2010. I was still in the early years of marriage. I had a young toddler.

And, I had a lot of plans for the future. 

Writing this email prompted me to go back and try to figure out what those were. I don't really remember much about 2009-2010 Angie. So much of it was a fog of early motherhood, depression, and starting a new life in a new place.

This walk down memory lane brought my old blog to mind. I haven't looked at it in years, because I pulled it from public viewing when I stopped writing on it. I didn't even realize I could still read it, but I decided to try and log into my old blogger account.

Ya'll. It's all still there. Every single memory. Every single blog post and picture. I almost cried. 

This blog ran for about 3 years, and sometimes, I kick myself for not keeping it up. But...life got in the way, as it usually does. And since that blog was a personal project, and nothing I even realized I could grow into more, I dropped it when life got busy.

But, it's all still there. Including those posts from the new year of 2010. 

I was still in such a fog that I don't think the fact that it was a new decade even hit me. But, I did write some goals. 

I wanted to be more crafty. Something i definitely accomplished by running an Etsy shop for 7 years!

I wanted to find myself again. I was lost in motherhood and being a new wife, and had no idea who I was. Honestly, I don't think I realized it would take so long, but I finally accomplished that one. It's what I've spent the last two years working on. This blog was part of that. Yoga was, too. 

I wanted to build up relationships with those closest to me. To build up my village and rely less on social media and more on actual close-knit relationships. I failed and succeeded at this one. I still use social media way more than I should. But, I've built a pretty solid community, too. Again, this didn't happen right away. I'd say that was another big change just this year.

I guess that just goes to show that personal growth has it's own timeline and doesn't necessarily stick to the calendar year.

Finally, there was one excerpt that is driving me crazy, because I have no idea what I meant. 

"Earlier today, I decided on my New Year's Resolution.  It's a personal resolution, something I'm not willing to share publicly, on my blog.  It shows a different side of me than the public face I prefer to show.  I will, however, stick with it this year, and you can know that it is not a frivolous resolution such as losing weight, eating better, or exercising more.  Those are all things I try to do year round.  This resolution will change my quality of life.  It will make me a better person."

Oh, 2010 Angie...what were you talking about there? Who were you? Did you even accomplish this?

I wish I knew.

But, either way, here we are at the cusp of a new decade. The walk down memory lane has been fun this morning, but I guess the real work goes into looking ahead to the future.

In 10 more years, I'll be the mother of an adult. Addie could be in college. Or the military. Or wherever her life brings her. Charlotte will be a teen. (Pray for me...that'll be a rough one).

But, will I think back on today and wonder if I accomplished all of my goals? Will I accomplish my goals? I don't even know what those goals are.  Who knows. Maybe in another 10 years I'll be reminiscing over this blog, and wondering if I should pick it back up. From where I sit right now, I can't imagine quitting this one, but it's impossible to know for sure. Right now, I'll just focus on one year at a time, and for now I can tell you I'm not going anywhere.

This year has been one of big personal and professional growth. But, I think I finally found my voice and my purpose. There will be some mild changes to the blog in the coming year, but hopefully, nothing that will affect the value you've found here.

Unfortunately, it will include less content on working from home. While I do work from home, it's just not my passion to talk about. Building our Empire (my facebook group) will be closing as well. I'm not even sad, ya'll. It's been a long time coming, if I'm honest. 

Instead, my focus will be more on real life sustainability, clean living, and minimalism. You know. Tips for the average person. The person who doesn't want to worry about whether she's doing it all wrong. The person on a budget. The person who wants to do better, but doesn't want to spend every waking moment worrying about her products, habits, and food.

I shared this on Instagram recently, but basically, I want to love the earth, treat my body right, and make the best choices I can without constantly worrying about whether or not I'm doing enough.

My walk down memory lane just confirmed this decision. While my old blog was a personal project, it was still focused on green living, natural alternatives, and just doing better. Clearly, I've been focused on this for at least ten years. It's time to claim it and move forward with a clear voice.

The only real thing I'll be dropping is the business advice. Moving forward, you'll still see information on bullet journaling, creativity, planning, organizing, balancing life, clean living, aromatherapy, and all the main topics on my blog currently.

Hopefully, since you're already here, that means you like those things, too. But if not, I won't fault you for needing to unsubscribe.

Regardless of your choice, may you be well. And, may your next year (and next decade) be all you hope it will be.

Until next year,

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