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August 7, 2020
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Engineering Research Reactivation SharePoint

The Engineering Research Reactivation all-inclusive SharePoint page has helpful reopening resources, important processes, and documents that need to be completed and approved to "return to research". Please request access if prompted. 

Important Announcement: 

Where is my "LABORATORY PLAN FOR A SAFE RETURN" in the approval process?

You can see what step of the approval process your plan is on by looking under the “Engineering Research Reactivation” folders on the SharePoint site. 

  • If the plan has been approved by the Department Chair, you can see if it has been sent to VPRI by clicking on “EGR ADR Review” > “At VPRI for Review”. If the plan is in the “At VPRI for Review” folder then it is currently being reviewed by VPRI.
  • To check to see if your plan has been completely approved by all required departments (DC, EGR Dean's Office, and VPRI), you can click on the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder. If your plan is in the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder then you approved to return to research. Monique Blackmer ( will reach out to you. 

SharePoint Page
Motion capture screening technology could slow progression of arthritis

Most people don’t think about their thumbs very often. But for people living with advancing arthritis, the simplest thumb movements—from grasping a cup to sending a text message—can be painful and incredibly challenging.

That’s why Michigan State University researchers set out to see if they could use motion capture technology to screen for differences between healthy hand movements and those in patients with osteoarthritis, or OA.

This method could potentially detect arthritis earlier, possibly delaying and preventing the loss of thumb function. In turn, that could save arthritis patients from surgery and even being forced into assisted living.

Learn more HERE.

Research Orientation

This asynchronous module will be available as of August 4, 2020, in the “Follow-up Opportunities” section of the New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation site within D2L.

This session will give new faculty an overview of research compliance, funding, grant administration, and resources available through the Office of Research and Innovation and other support units on campus.

This Research Orientation is required for all New Faculty and Academic Staff who have research components to their appointments.

To access this D2L site you must register as a new academic. If you are a new academic and have not received a personal invitation, please contact the Academic Advancement Network at or by phone at (517) 432-1185.

Essentials of Research Administration: Effort Reporting and Other Cost Documentation

On July 21st, there was an ERA Webinar on Effort Reporting. To watch the webinar in case you missed it or would like to review it, follow these links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

MTRAC Bio Agriculture Seminar Coming in August

Coming in mid August, DER will be hosting a seminar about MTRAC Bio Agriculture.  MTRAC AgBio research relates to food, fuel & fiber, either as inputs or outputs.  This includes bio-derived/bio-based materials, natural resources and animal health.

Stayed alert for more information soon from DER.

Data for Department Meetings available

Each Summer, DER receives requests from Department Chairs for data to share at their annual retreats.  This year, to be proactive, DER has pulled proposal data from 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020 summarized by PI, status, and sponsor.  If your department is interested in exploring the data, please send an email to  As a reminder, DER will host an annual seminar in the fall to show PIs how to pull their own proposal data.  DER is here to help!

MSU Scholars upgrade

MSU Scholars is scheduled for an upgrade!

Please preview the new, modern design and enhanced features Here.

This exciting approach enables site visitors to:

-See a dashboard view for MSU and every department and program that showcases verified academic activity from the past 36 months, 

-Explore the site via scholar name and research topic searches OR browse a complete directory of academic units, and

-Discover academic-unit and scholar-profile pages online thanks to enhanced organic search engine visibility.

The beta site will go live on August 12, 2020. If you have any questions or concerns about the beta site or launch, please reach out directly to Kyle Sweitzer at

Grant Consulting Services - Schedule Your Personal Appointment Today

The on-campus Research Facilitation & Dissemination team provides gran proposal support for faculty, including help with proposal development, finding funding, editing, and grant project management. The team assists faculty with proposals to any agency. To schedule a Virtual appointment, contact Lauren Aerni-Flessner, Ph.D., MBA,, or Shobha Ramanand, Ph.D.,, or Mary Anne Walker, or call 517-432-4499.

Special consulting services have been developed to assist MSU researchers with proposal preparation support. These services complement those offered by Research Facilitation & Dissemination and focus on specialized areas by funding entity. Learn more HERE.

Cost-related flexibility for expenditure of sponsored award funds

MSU recognizes that work on sponsored programs has continued, e.g., much of the work can be performed remotely1, some areas remained open throughout the Stay Home, Stay Safe Orders and many laboratories have been re-opened in accordance with building and lab plans. When work is being performed, salary charges should continue to be allocated based on project benefit in accordance with the Federal/State Cost Policy and the Basic Cost Principles, and the applicable university policies.

Due to the additional requirements of OMB Memo M-20-26, when an employee is unable to perform work at the level of effort for which they are paid on a federally-funded sponsored program account (RC), it may be necessary to identify a different source of funding for the idle effort or consider other options.

Read more HERE.

DER's Proposal Volume

The chart above shows DER's Proposal Volume as of (08/7/2020).

Take a closer look
DER Seminars
Miss the Last Seminar? Watch it Here!

The NSF Career Awards seminar presented by Dr. John Verboncoeur will empower and educate faculty who are looking to submit an NSF Career Award. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the ways to achieve your NSF Career Award. Please bring your NSF questions and be prepared to enhance your knowledge.

Watch the Seminar Here

DER Seminar Website

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