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Hey friends, welcome to the weekly Stream Report, a newsletter from Gaming Careers covering important news and updates in gaming, streaming and content creation.

This past week sees a new video and a range of news: The latest video provides instructions for creating an Instant Replay feature for your streams, SGDQ 2020 raises $2.3 Million, PlayStation 5 is confirmed for 2020 and more. 

How To Show Instant Replays On Your Stream

Thousands of viewers watched Shroud's return to streaming on Twitch recently and if you're one of them, you may have noticed the smooth, instant replay feature he showcased.

This weeks video shows you how to implement this feature in your own stream. Detailed instructions are provided for installing the required plugins and scripts for OBS as well as a special Instant Replay Overlay I created for you to use with this feature. 

Unfortunately this feature can only be created in OBS Studio, as Streamlabs OBS does not support the required plugins and scripts. Links to the required downloads are also available in the video description.

SGDQ 2020 Raises $2.3 Million

The Games Done Quick team finished their first-ever online-only event, SGDQ 2020 Online, this week raising $2.3 million for Doctors Without Borders.

PS5 Confirmed Release in 2020

PlayStation has debuted its first official PlayStation 5 ad and confirmed, in an interview with, that the latest gen console will release in 2020.

Burger King Twitch Ad Backlash

A prototype ad for Burger King using streamers text-to-speech donation feature to advertise meal deals has received serious backlash within the streaming community.

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