June 11, 2019


Know Your Deliverer
Stephen Heleman

Where Do You Go?

Where you go when you are confused, in trouble, or afraid says a lot about what you value and who you trust. Last week, in Exodus 5, we saw the Hebrew people in a very dire situation. Moses didn't know what to say or do. However, in Exodus 6:1, God reassured Moses that He was going to do something amazing. This week, we see God remind Moses even more of who He is and what He will do.

I Am the Lord And I Am In Control

Read Exodus 6:2-8 here.

In verses 2 through 5 God reminds Moses of some life-changing things: I am the Lord; there is none greater than me. I am revealing myself; I want you to know I am not a distant God. I established a covenant; I do not break my promises. I heard your groaning; you are not alone. God is reminding Moses that no matter how bad the circumstances are, there is no better place to turn than Jehovah. In verses 6 through 8, God emphasizes that He is in control. It is not what the Hebrew people need to do; God will do what needs to be done. Ultimately, God wants them to stop worrying and let Him be their God. 

Who Is Your God?

In times of trouble, where do you turn? Who is your god? We know who or what our god is by:

  • Where we turn when we have a need. We will often find things that make us feel better, but in the process, our feelings become our god. 
  • What gets our best. We all have limited time, money, and resources and we must make decisions on how to use them daily. But often, we fit God into our lives around other things. What we are saying when we do this is that we are in control of our life. Control becomes our god.

These are poor substitutes for God; they will always leave us wanting more. There is no better place to turn than Jesus! Remember who He is - there is none greater. Remember what He did - He died to set you free. Remember His promises - He brings life to the fullest. 

Don't Settle For A Lesser God.


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