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Hello Gems :)

Happy Spring Everybody! The snow has melted in my part of Nebraska. With any luck, I won’t see much of the white stuff from here on out.

As some of you know, I’m planning a move to Texas later this month. If anyone is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, give me a shout :) Despite packing and keeping our house in fake condition for showings, I’m still carving out a few minutes to work on The Jaguar Queens, Book III.

The “Old One” from Jungle Salvation, an irreverent Latin heartthrob named Raoul, is about to meet his match. A sprite of a woman named Avis, a driven anthropologist, is determined to study Raoul’s adopted indigenous people—his family. Decades ago, missionaries loosed an influenza plague upon the secluded tribe, including his wife. Now, Raoul is certain Avis brings a new illness.

Hopefully, I will get this one out of the blocks faster than Jungle Salvation. I don't speed read, and I don't speed write either! sigh. 

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“Be a good girl,” my mother always said.  And I did.

Until Reese Gentry looked my way.

Eyes holding a beautiful guarantee of wicked unchaste, sin and sex. 

Smile flashing shameless bliss and obscene desire. 

Hands offering sweet pleasure and bitter punishment.

Sometimes even the good girl next door needs a dirty secret.

With no clingy strings, I’ll willingly give him what he wants, when he wants it, wherever he wants it.

But strings are sometimes broken.

Reese Gentry is used to two things.  Getting what he wants … and repeating.

But then life has its own ideas.

Two years pass, and he’s back.  But I’m no longer that spirited girl from the past. 

Those days were only the beginning of my story.

Those days were before I was left a … slut.

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Goodreads Five Stars

I have been lucky enough to read all of M.A. Jewell's works. Her latest in the Jaguar series didn't let me down. Her characters are strong and the action is real with great pace. The sexual tension between Matteo and Dakota sizzles sensuously from the beginning and the pure Alpha heat Matteo emits had me turning the pages like a mad woman.
Great story, I was invested from the get go because I had read Jungle Rapture and loved the whole premise of it. These characters are fighting for their very existence but also do battle with their own demons and faults.
If you love to read about imperfect alpha males and strong but tender women, you have to add this to your book list! 

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