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Central heating, cavity wall insulation and high insulated windows provide comfortable and energy efficient indoor climate, but this combination are parts of the reason of forming condensation due to “shutted” moisture in the rooms. Consumers often consider this type of condensation to be a defect of new windows, rather than a product of their living conditions.

There are three things that lead to internal condensation:
The humidity of the room


U-value or insulation capacity of the window

All air contains moisture, but hot air has the highest humidity. If the hot air is cooled, it reaches a point where it releases the water and then condensation occurs.

Poor thermal efficiency window panes are normally the coldest points in a room and when hot air meets the cold surface there is condensation. Then the water flows down the frame and the mold may form on windows frames.

If condensation appears on interior side of windows:

Replace your old windows with low U-value, high energy efficient.

Periodically increase natural ventilation by tilt opening windows.

    Fit an extractor fan or natural ventilation-air heat exchange especially in bathrooms and over hubs. Keep the doors shut to limit moisture circulation through the house.

    Keep the heating on a lower setting, especially in cold temperatures.

    Hang blinds or curtains in a distance of 15-20 cm from windows to allow air to circulate and keep the glass surface warm enough to stop condensation forming.

    If possible, fit radiators directly beneath windows, avoid deep windowsills. This will allow air to circulate, increase window glass surface temperature and prevent moisture condensation.

    If condensation appears inside
    the glass unit:
    • Contact your seller regards replacement of a sealed unit- this indicates decompression.
    If condensation appears on
    exterior side:
    How to avoid external condensation

    External condensation in fact proves the windows are
    highly performing, keeping the heat inside the building.

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    The result of well-insulated windows and doors prevents much of the heat from being released from the house, proper natural or air exchange system’s ventilation provides healthy indoor climate and prevent condensation or mold forming. Heating bills will be significantly smaller while the environment will be spared due to lower heat emissions.

    In a combination with highly insulated glass units, VENTA WINDOWS uPVC products can reach up to 0,69 U-value and at the same time with recycled material in the profiles cores, contribute to reducing heat, CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

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