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September 21, 2019

Dear ,

So, last month was a little bit of a confession, I suppose, but apparently it was just the kick I needed to give myself.

I'm happy to say that through a priority shift (putting writing first on my to-do list every day), I've made a ton of progress this month. I went from almost 60,000 words in the Revelation of the Dragon first draft to my current word count of 73,467. 

When the first draft is done, I plan to work on the cover and a couple of short stories before diving into revisions and editing.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Where you felt that you weren't getting anywhere with something you really wanted to do? What gave you the kick you needed, and how did you keep your motivation moving? 

I'd love to hear from you (just hit reply, and your message will come straight to me).

Until next month.

From my world to yours,

J. Elizabeth Vincent

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The Outer Layer is an enigma to its residents. Representatives from countless races and civilisations wander the many territories, hoping to unlock the secrets and progress further into its depths.

An anomaly has been detected in space by an artefact from an extinct civilisation. Ciqalo, a machine intelligence from the Wanderer civilisation, is tasked with leading the investigation in the hope of weaponizing it for a galactic war.

Beatrict and Gerstial are leaders of the Alexis-Meld – a prominent Roranian collective. They control their commercial interests from the idyllic homeworld of Lillea, and expect rule of the meld to be passed to their heirs, Beatrict II, Gerstial II and Philsima. Unfortunately for them, life is never so simple. Tolren, playmate of Gerstial II, becomes a hunted fugitive, and finds himself thrust into an adventure aboard a structure in space that defies all understanding, alongside Seremend, a fellow Roranian. While the relationship between them intensifies, they race to comprehend the complexities of their new home and why they have been chosen. What is the purpose of it all?

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Beneath rock and soil, trees and oceans, she lies.

Under concrete jungles and poisoned rivers, she slumbers.

She is Mother Earth.

And mankind has turned its back on its mother.

The visions begin on Terran’s seventeenth birthday. Horrifying images pummel her brain, while a voice commands her to see beyond the world she thought she knew and into the heart of it. Gaia has awakened, brought to consciousness by the greed of a species that has tainted every aspect of her being in a tide of indifference. With this awareness, comes rage. Gaia calls upon her children to unleash her fury, wreaking vengeance on humanity.

Terran will emerge in a world on the brink of collapse, to face a being whose wrath is beyond imagining.

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On the last day of the summer of his fourteenth year, Luan takes the first step on The Path of Swords. He has been told that the path will be hard. He knows that it will lead him into danger. The reality is beyond all his imagining.

Described as "Wonderfully imagined" and "skilfully crafted", The Path of Swordsis the first novella in the Song of Amhar fantasy series. Set in an alternate Iron Age where the world of the spirit is always close by, the series follows the adventures of Luan, a boy training to become one of the Klaideem, elite warriors who dedicate their life to the service of the kingdom.

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‘Reverb: Live, Die, Rave, Repeat’ tells the epic story of six young and adventurous students who get to relive the first day of their no holds barred holiday to the hedonistic party haven of Magaluf over and over and over again.

This book is full of twists and turns that will always keep you guessing as to what could possibly befall our Ill-fated adventurers next as they not only find out more about the world around them, venture hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the school yard, but also truly discover more about themselves through their journey of a thousand lifetimes.

Our world is not all that it seems in this YA SciFi-Fantasy!

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