Today: We don't have an Inner Child in Logosynthesis


The Latest in Logosynthesis® – 2

This second issue of SPARKS contains:

  • The Inner Child is overrated
  • Anger, forgiveness and dissociation 2
  • A video with Mary on smoking cessation 

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Anger Forgiveness, Dissociation – 2

Forgiveness is a somewhat cloudy concept. In an ideal world, forgiveness is an expression of universal love and understanding from a person who has suffered from someone else's deeds, a cure all.

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The Inner Child is overrated

You don't need an Inner Child. Once the free flow of your life energy is restored, you can let go of the frozen structures associated with the Child ego state, and you’ll be able to reconnect to the Love that comes with Essence.

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Today's Video: Mary Quits Smoking

A 23-minute Skype session in which Mary is invited to resolve beliefs and memories, which stand in the way of quitting smoking, with Logosynthesis founder Dr. Willem Lammers. Mary is familiar with the Logosynthesis model, which allows for a fast process.

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