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And…we’re off to Joshua Tree for the wedding in a few days. I’m so excited.

Look at the unique arch Paul created for the bride and groom to stand beneath when they say their vows. Like everything in this wedding, the arch is representative of JP and Sarah. If you’re curious, the center design Paul crafted out of steel, is their one-of-a-kind tattoo.

We held a “Meet the Bride2Be” party to introduce Sarah to members of the family who, thanks to Covid, hadn’t gotten the chance to meet her. It was a gorgeous spring day and we had so much fun, reminiscent of pre-pandemic times. In the collage below, you’ll see Sarah on the right, then me showing off dessert (thank you, Costco), me with two nieces and a great-niece in the middle, and Paul with my brother, Don, on the right and nephew Brad seated.

I can’t wait to share some shots from the actual wedding, but that won’t happen until we get back…in early May. We’re heading off on an RV adventure directly from Joshua Tree. We’re meeting our favorite RV pals, Fred and Colleen, in Provo, Utah, for four days where we intend to fish, explore, do a puzzle or two (see below) and chill. Then we’re headed to Great Basin National Park and the Lehman Caves. This is a part of the country we’ve never visited, so I promise lots of pics.

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I thought this one might make a good teaser. FALLING FOR THE STRANGER releases wide on May 2. Pre-order links are below. This price will only last a couple of days. (And remember: reviews are priceless and they mean the world to me.)

Falling for the Stranger © Loner Llama Press

       Snapping branches and several muttered curses heralded Andi’s ascent, but Harley kept his distance. Just peeking over the top of the ridge was enough to make the pressure build behind his eyes. He chose to pretend that sitting beneath the pine tree watching the tension on her rope amounted to helping her.
       A minute later she scrambled over the hump of loose gravel at the side of the road, dusting off leaves, bark and dirt from her pants and shirt. “Made it.” Her grin sparkled with triumph. “And I’ve got a present for you.”
       He barely heard her words because he was trying to talk himself out of kissing her.
       She stepped free of the ropes, then peeled off her gloves, dropping them to the pile of gear. “Look at this.” She pulled an object from the top pocket near her thigh. A man’s wallet.
       Harley’s stomach turned over. “Mine?”
       The weight of possibilities pressed on his chest, making it hard to breathe. That little leather square in his hand might tell him everything. Am I ready?
       “It was lying near some clothes and books and a mangled laptop. Most of the stuff is beyond saving, but I brought up what I could carry.” She unclipped a funny-shaped cloth bag suspended from her belt and set it on the ground by her feet. “Animals got everything, I suppose. And weather. This whole area probably spent a couple of months under snow.”
       She shrugged off her heavy shirt, folding it inside out, then used the hem of her T-shirt to wipe the sweat from her face. Harley caught a tantalizing glimpse of her belly.
       Even though the timing was undoubtedly terrible—and the action foolish—he reached out and put his free hand on her shoulder.
       She didn’t resist when he pulled her to him, although her eyes were wide with surprise. But her lips parted before he lowered his head, and she seemed to welcome his kiss.
       Harley hadn’t kissed a woman since his accident. Who? When? Where? He didn’t have a clue. But he’d bet the value of that Harley in the tree he’d never experienced anything sweeter and more intoxicating than kissing Andi Sullivan.



for the special pre-order price of only 99¢!

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Happy Spring, my friends!


Twins update: they’re breathing without a ventilator. Their beautiful mama was celebrated, too, at a baby shower. All good news, so far!!!

Upcoming Thursday – 5/5, I hope: Wedding pics and travel highlights.

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