AWS : 75 Questions Added

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00)

75 Questions with detailed explanation

  • 75 Questions and each question with detailed explanation.
  • As per Latest Syllabus 
  • Demanding certification for BigData and analytics professionals

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00)

About AWS®  AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00) : As per Latest Syllabus and demanding certification material  : Total 75 Questions with detailed explanation : As you know demand of BigDara is regularly increasing specifically since last 5 to 6 years. And having a Big Data expertise is not just a becoming software engineer or an Analytics engineer. It is much more than that, Big Data Specialization is considered one of the senior profile in any IT organization. HadoopExam was started with the Hadoop BigData Learning Resources and we have seen continuous demand for BigData Learning resources. Now AWS comes up with its own BigData certfication which includes many things. It is not just a Hadoop and Spark certification but it includes various AWS services as well e.g. DynamoDB, S3, Redshift and Kinesis Data Stream etc. Other than that they also have some analytics questions as well in their certification. Remember its an specialization certification and it is considered one of the highest levels certification for the BigData in AWS as of now. Hence, this certification has quite a high value in the industry, it covers both the aspects like BigData as well as BigData on the cloud. If you already know Hadoop, Spark and basics of analytics then to pass this certification would be relatively easy for you. You need to learn some additional services like Redshift, Kinesis, EMRFS, EMR, QuickSight, AWS Connect etc, we are there to help you learn all this stuff at very high pace. As you know the AWS is growing very fast in the Cloud World, no other cloud provides close to them. Hence, it will increase your value in industry and you will be in demand if you are AWS Big Data certified and having all these skills. This is one of the best way to grow professionaly as well as increase your salary. 

For all these HadoopExam continuously trying that you get best material for preparing AWS certifications as well as you learn deep concepts for each technology. We also update our products continuosly whhich you can check here recent update anouncements. You need to prepare various topics to clear this exam. Currently covered syllabus is listed below. Major topic which are part of this certification are Collection 17% , Storage 17% , Processing 17% , Analysis 17% , Visualization 12% , Data Security (20%) . AWS provide syllabus detail in very abstract level and you dont know exactly from where to start and how to prepare for the exam. HadoopExam helps you remain focused for preparing any certification exam and cover only relevant stuff. Hence, we suggest you subscribe certification preparation material from HadoopExam and stay focused. And finally get success by passing exam in less than 3 month. 

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00)
AWS® Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01)
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About AWS®  Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01) 

  • 234 (163 New Questions are added) Questions and each question with detailed explanation.
  • As per Latest Syllabus 
  • Demanding certification for security professionals
  • Become an Specialized Professional and one of the most reputed career choice.
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About AWS®  Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01) : As per Latest Syllabus Certification demanding certification material  : Total 70 Questions with detailed explanation : Without security software world can not survived, security specialization in a particular field give you an edge in your career and one of the most reputed career choice. This particular certification is useful if you are a security professional and already working in security world or trying to enter in this world. If you are a security professional entire organization has to follow the standard specified by you. As you now in the Cloud Computing world AWS is pioneer and no one close to this platform. It is easy to create and design solution in AWS, but it required a very good knowledge for creating a well designed security platform. And one of the best way to prove you are well versed with the AWS secure infrstructer design which is also compliant as per HIPAA, PCI, other financial regulatory specification. After completing this certification you can prove that you are good at data protection, data encryption, secure communication over internet, various AWS security services, creating secure production environment, taking good decision for cost, security, complex secure deployment, and secure operations and how to mitigate all the risks associated with design. You can check what all is covered for the exam. Now the problem is that exam syllabus is so abstract what to read and what all services needs to focused is not clear. But HadoopExam brings you question with specific topic ad s well as how multiple services are combined together to created a secure solution on AWS. Each question comes with the detailed explanation. So now start preparing with premium material for HadoopExam Learning Resources. 

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