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It's called Double Barrel.

What is Double Barrel? It's the the story of Colt and Jackson, two stoner-heads barely eking out a living in Seattle. Colt and Jackson, brains and brawn, combat a headless bus driver, psychopathic police detectives, gun waving pimps and other nefarious sorts.

With the aid of their weed-lifestyle friend and Mets fan Pinball they are led to a weird holy man from the ancient orient named Lo-Hung who proffers them some magic mushrooms, which flip them into a time dimension -the 1930s to be exact.

"The broad premise of our comic is that two stoners save the world through a series of seemingly irrelevant events. The mood is light and the subject matter can be crude, but it's stoners after all!"     -Patrick Self.

Cool! Where do I get it?

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