Too much stuff.

If you're like most people you now have abandoned the 'cable' method of watching TV. It's done on a large computer style screen, in that there's an interface of all these streaming 'logos' and you pick and choose from them. Gone are the days of scrolling down the list, passing by Senior Golf or the Spanish Gospel Hour to get to HBO or Showtime. Now you have Peacock, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV and a plethora of others.

So, what to watch? I can recommend three things:

Three things to watch:

Dark Winds.

HBO+ (or if you have it, Amazon Prime) has an excellent 6 part series -which is coming back in a few months with more episodes- called Dark Winds. It's produced by Robert Redford (the Sundance Festival entrepreneur) and is quite interesting. A police procedural centering around a Navajo Indian Reservation that firmly stakes its emotional/cultural center in Indian culture. The main character, Sheriff Joe Leaphorn of the Tribal Police is 100% authentic in his attitude and approach (before the first episode is out, you learn that 'Navajo' is incorrect. They call themselves 'Diné' to each other.)

link to Dark Winds

The Bear.

Over on Hulu a fast paced Chicago based comedy drama set in a sandwich shop called The Bear is very good. They get the Chicagoan language mannerisms down right, as in 'Yeah no' meaning 'Yeah' or calling soda 'Pop.' Young chef/manager Carmy Berzatto (portrayed by Jeremy Allen White) is trying his best to keep the Original Beef sandwich shop from being dismantled by his late brother (suicide) Michael's creditors.

The first episode features a bizarre side-story of Carmy having to raid his handmade video arcade machine for Susan B Anthony gold dollars to pay for that day's side of beef. Bullets get shot through the window. Toilets explode. All the while each and every character tries to keep it together. Special nods to late Michael's best friend Richie portrayed by an arrogant and annoying (but somehow sympathetic) Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Sydney, a smart but inexperienced kitchen manager portrayed by Ayo Edebiri.

link to The Bear

Cooper's Bar

Are you getting Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad withdrawals like me? A part-way cure is to go over on YouTube to a funny short-run (six segments lasting about 10 minutes or so each) called Cooper's Bar. It's partly conceived and produced by Rhea Seahorn (Kim Wexler)! She steps in as a pushy film studio exec looking for the next big cash grab to add to her swelling war chest. Cooper's Bar is literally a 3rd rate ex celebrity bit actor now is a bit paunchy and starts up a bar in his garage in the LA suburbs (really). All he wants is to get enough money to buy a Hot Wings restaurant in his native Buffalo NY and get the hell out of California for good. His hanger on buddies a mall cop self-styled media expert and self proclaimed manager round out the field for a very entertaining and funny time.

link to Cooper's Bar

There you go. Don't say there's nothing on. Have a great weekend!

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