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All quiet on the Western Front
I don’t have too much share with you lovely design folk this month I’m afraid. I’ve been doing a hell of a lot of work but it’s mainly for start ups and all of the creative is on lock down under NDAs!

If you don’t know what an NDA is, it’s a non disclosure agreement and it means I can’t show it lest someone steals it! Boring.

I do however have a new tutorial for ya.
Making a styleguide in Adobe XD
Microsoft Outlook is a total pain in the arse for designers. Emails break in Outlook, a lot. If you’ve had trouble getting images to display at the correct size then this tutorial is for you. Don’t worry, it’s a short one.
>   I hate Outlook, send help!

Any Requests?
Seen something dope that you don’t know how to make? Maybe I do. Fill in a request (you need to scroll down a little bit on the page to get to the form) and if I know how to do it, I'll teach you.
Ooh, I have one!
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