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Hey there,

I'm not embarrassed of the fact I've changed my LinkedIn headline about 50 times in the past year.

What I AM embarrassed about is that most of the time, it was just guesswork. πŸ™ˆ

And right after, I'd patiently wait on LinkedIn looking something like this:

GIF of woman looking sideways awkwardly

It was pretty dumb.

But after all that silly tinkering, I landed on a LinkedIn headline that ended up tripling my inbound requests on LinkedIn. 😳

That's when I FINALLY figured out the science behind a successful LinkedIn headline β€” 3 *critical* elements to be exact.

This epiphany happened to perfectly intersect with my new-found interest in starting a YouTube channel. 😬

So I ended up creating an 8min YouTube video on the 3 *critical* elements of a LinkedIn headline. πŸ‘‡

If you found the video useful, it would really mean a lot to me if you'd give it a like and a comment. 😊

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Onto this month's cool internet gems!

(In case you were wondering, I've switched up the format of my monthly emails to maximize the value I bring to you and minimize the time it takes to do so. This is just another iteration.)

Cool internet gems πŸ’ 

I wrote a post on LinkedIn about the TikTok algorithm and linked a video of a fascinating study done by the Wall Street Journal on the TikTok algorithm.

In this awesome Freakonomics podcast episode, Robert Cialdini (author of the book Influence) walks us through the six universal principles of influence from his book.

I came across this YouTube video from Julia Bausenhardt, an illustrator, who has quit social media and shares her very eye-opening insights about social media.

Check out this YouTube video from Eddie Shleyner (founder of verygoodcopy.com) that describes the most actionable framework for manufacturing curiosity into your copywriting.

And here's a picture of Zlatni Rat, which is on the island of Brač in Croatia (my home country) and I hope to finally visit this beautiful tiny area when I'm in Croatia in a few weeks!

That's all I got for this month.

Stay safe, stay happy & stay rested.



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