I hope you had a fun weekend. Here's your High-Heat Book Club News with hot reads to get you through the week days.  First, bad boy author Chance Carter released Playboy Ever After today. Get ready for a hot ride with a tattooed hunk. Second, you get complimentary books from Juliana Conners, Dakota Willink, and me.

I'm still roughing it in out-of-the-way places in Belize. The wifi kept going out while I finished Mr. Beast Owns Beauty. I'm thrilled that it will reach you on schedule, August 31. I updated my first romance, Werewolf's First Love, and released it at multiple online bookstores. It's under my Q. Zayne and Aly First pen names. At Belize's New River, I watched the biggest bird I've seen since I left California a year ago. Your reviews make me smile, so thanks for keeping me company. It matters more than I can tell you. Now, let's read.

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Hot New Book Boyfriend ~ Less than a buck!

Playboy Ever After

"Romance, true love, humor and hot sex! If these are elements you look for in your stories, then “Playboy Ever After” is the book for you. Emma wants to be married but marriage isn’t in Max’s vocabulary. As it turns out, Emma is hired to be Max’s Personal Assistant but despite her intense attraction to him, she has no intention of letting anything personal happen between them. [...]" -- Kindle Reader

I'm a billionaire playboy.
So I'm all fun and games, right?
Not where Emma, my tempting, teasing new assistant is concerned.
Of course, she's too innocent to even realize the effect she has on me.
But I'll corrupt her soon enough.

I take her on a business trip and we get closer and closer every step of the way.
So close I can smell the perfume on her perfectly delectable neck.
So close she can see the massive bulge in my suit pants.
And then my business associate makes a proposition.
"Let me have a night with your assistant," he says.

That's it! Lights out!
I never threw away a business deal for a woman before.
But Emma is so worth it. And I'm going to show her how much I value her with every inch of my rock hard body.
I'll make her mine if it's the last thing I do.
I'll make her mine no matter how much she protests.
Because this feeling is real.
No one thinks we should be together except me.
Good thing I'm used to proving the world wrong!

Tap the hot man on the cover and find out why this new-today romance already has a 4.9-star average from 71 readers.

Try it for nada: You can borrow Playboy Ever After with Kindle Unlimited.

These 3 Books are 0 on participating Amazon stores. Always check the price.
Yours for 0 until 9/1

"It is a story involving BDSM so there is plenty of steamy romance. But nothing too over the top.

Alex is a man who is used to getting what he wants and is in control of every aspect of his life including what he desires in the bedroom and expects full submission from his partners. Krystina a strong independent woman is his newest interest and isn't keen on being anyone's submissive. Slowly Alexander introduces Krystina to his lifestyle. Communication and trust is key in a relationship like this. Due to her past Krystina confuses abuse with submission. They both have secrets they are hiding but when those secrets come out they have an effect on both of them.

It is the first in a series so it does end in a cliffhanger." - Kindle Reader

Heart of Stone has a 4.5-star average with 145 reviews.


Ready for more alpha heat? Yes, Boss from Juliana Conners is yours to download through tomorrow (Tuesday), and my Brutal dirty alpha short is yours to grab through Wednesday. Brutal is included in His Virgin, so you might already have it.

It's been many days of no air conditioning in Belize. The jungles and river are a major change from the drought-stricken Yucatan. I'm going to miss the excellent BBQ, red beans and rice cooked in coconut milk, the vibrant cultural mix. I've met wonderful people and explored a rustic edge of this diverse country. Learning about local medicinal plants was a highlight, and it was awesome to discover a library in a tiny town. I learned a new word for my blues.

It surprised me to discover that some of my underlying reactions to long-term travel are similar to Belle's feelings in Mr. Beast Owns Beauty. I didn't do it on purpose, but my expanded retelling of Beauty and the Beast expresses my sense of displacement as much as hers. My books are often more personal than I realize. I'm heading to the Riviera Maya next.

Whatever is up for you this week, find time to be good to yourself. I'm due to curl up with a book and escape. I'm off to grab Chance's Playboy Ever After. I'm expecting a hot happy ending. Join me. 

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