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New Year, New Hope?

2017 has been a hard year, the hardest yet, not just for Last Chance Hotel, but for all rescues, large and small. Over 350 animals came through LCH over the last 12 months, a 50% increase over the previous year. It has also been a roller coaster year of emotions: the loss of precious lives; the feeling of helplessness; the anger at some members of the human race; the elation of looking forward to a new place for our animals, followed by the bitter disappointment of delay after delay, and becoming resigned to starting at square one again. Our move is no longer happening. The renovation work that is needed on the ‘new place’ is projected to take several more months, and we need space now. We desperately need a new place to rent, at least until one of the team wins the lottery.... if you know of anyone who could help us, please please get in touch.

For all of us involved in rescue, there is the merest glimmer of hope on the horizon. The proposals set out just before Christmas regarding new legislation related to the selling of puppies and a crackdown on puppy smuggling are long overdue. It appears there is now official government recognition of a major problem within the puppy industry, something that rescues and animal activists up and down the country have been highlighting and campaigning against for many years. This news is a step in the right direction, although enforcement could still be a problem. But we can dream.....and we will continue to fight for the voiceless. We have a fantastic dedicated team, and an ever growing number of supporters, kind, generous people who, like us, want to see an end to the abuse and neglect of innocent creatures.

Thank you for being with us on our roller coaster journey this last year, and best wishes to you all for a fabulous 2018.


New Arrivals

December was another month in which we had to say a heartbreaking “we can’t” to so many needing help, due to a shortage of foster homes and our own resources. However some lucky pooches were taken on board; Marmite is currently in kennels, waiting for a savvy foster home to help him overcome his anxieties. Beautiful Holly, an emaciated Saluki cross, is safely in foster with Anne-Marie, and the infamous Charlie Girl is helping her to realise that life can be good. Fudge is just a pup, a very lively one, and has now been placed in a savvy foster home. And Biscuit has moved in temporarily with Louisa, our specialist cat fosterer, after her owners suffered a house fire, - worryingly, her sister is still missing.

Top pic: Marmite

Left to Right  - Holly, Biscuit and Fudge

These are just a few of the incomers for last month. If you would like to follow their progress, and find out more about all the others, please check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a news section on the Home page; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

Happy Departures to New Homes

It’s never a good idea to place an animal in a new situation too near to the festive season, when there is likely to be a lot of unusual activity and comings and goings of strange people, (Santa included!), so departures were a little thin in December. Amber was one of the lucky ones to spend Christmas in her new home, and hopefully this gave some peace to her previous owner, who sadly had to go into hospice care. Bella also found her ideal home, after a long wait for the right person, and we wish her and her new family many happy years together. The two remaining kittens, both girls, have taken up residence in a loving new home, and no doubt they have been enjoying playing with the festive decorations and trying to climb the Christmas tree!

Top: Amber    Left: Bella



Fun Dog Show at Pool

Despite poor weather, there was a good turnout of entries for the Fun Dog Show organised by team member Andrew Russell, raising much needed funds for our animals. The Best in Show winner, pictured right, travelled all the way from Exeter. Many thanks to all who attended, and to our very own Theresa for judging, - a tricky task with such a fab array of entrants. Thank you Andrew, for all the hard work you put into your fundraising events, we look forward to many more in 2018!

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org.


Rescue could not be what it is without the teamwork of transporters. We are lucky to be part of a massive network of fab people, who give up their time to move dogs to the safety of rescue. They work all year round, often at extremely short notice, and without them, precious lives would be lost. One day in December illustrated this perfectly. 6 dogs were moved that day, - 3 to their new homes, 1 came into rescue sadly bereaved, and 2 were taken from the pound. Thanks to Judith Padfield, Anne Johns, Rose Rees, Missy G Davies, Colin Sharp and Hannah Flower, these dogs, including Holly and Fudge, pictured above, and these four others, are in their new homes, safe. Transporters are an integral cog in the rescue machine, we can’t do without them. If you would like to help dogs in this way, please get in touch with us.

The Faces of 2017

These beautiful souls, and many more besides, came under the wing of Last Chance Hotel over the last 12 months. Some have sadly left us, a few of them far sooner than expected, but all of them loved until their last breath. The majority are in loving adoptive homes, enjoying a new life of cuddles, safety, and all the TLC that can be bestowed on them. Some are in foster homes, either undergoing rehabilitation, or still waiting for their forever home. The sick and aged are in their end of life foster homes, enjoying love and so much more from their devoted carers.

Giving hope to the faces of the future
These animals, many of which suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of humans, were given a chance of a new life by Last Chance Hotel. 2017 has probably been the worst ever for animal rescues up and down the country. It will likely get far worse before it gets better. Like all charities, LCH depends entirely upon the generosity of supporters to thrive and grow, and we are truly grateful for all donations, whatever the size. Remembering us in your will is a wonderful way to leave a lasting memory of your love for dogs and other animals. Leaving a legacy to Last Chance Hotel would help enable us to fulfil our dream of building a sanctuary for all those neglected and abused souls who seek only safety and love, and to continue saving precious lives like these.

More information on leaving a gift in your will can be found on our dedicated website page : A Gift in Your Will


We have been inundated with wonderful gifts for the dogs and other animals in our care, - so many kind and generous people have gone out of their way to put together this lovely lot of Christmas goodies.
The fabulous customers of The Dog House, Helston, really went to town with their Christmas Shoebox Appeal, with over 40 filled shoeboxes, 9 filled stockings and over 8 large filled boxes of toys, collars, food and other doggie items, in addition to the two car loads of food previously collected! Nettles Fish and Chip Shop in Helston also set up a donation box for the appeal and their lovely customers responded with a big pile of presents for the dogs.
Team Poundie brought us gift boxes galore, lovingly wrapped by Jo Weeks, Cathy Holding, and the team, and delivered to us by Neil Isherwood. A visit to Tracy Waldron at NAWT, Great Shefford resulted in the van piled high with food for our dogs and others at this difficult time of year. The 2nd Helston Guide Group, led by Nicola Pennell, donated a fab heap of filled shoeboxes and a bag of food, and Michele Ridgeway gathered together some lovely stuff for our foster dogs and those in need of extra help at Christmas. Businesses Smith and Reid Employment Agency, and Donalds Cars of Falmouth also contributed to the festive spirit, with some super presents, and Chris and Carla of Seadrift, Porthleven dropped off some fab goodies around Christmas time. Two huge boxes of treats and all sorts were collected together by the pupils of Connor Downs Academy, a beautiful gesture from young animal lovers.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of these wonderful peeps, for their generosity and hard work, we are truly blessed to have such fabulous supporters. The dogs and other animals in our care, and also those who struggle at Christmas, have really felt the love this year!

More Thanks...

to The Innocent Hound, and everyone who voted for us to receive a big box of treats for the doggies…

The Dog House, Helston, held a raffle and raised £258 to go towards our vet bill. Thank you Kd!

A lovely young lady, 11 year old Jessie Barnes, organised a fun charity dog show all by herself and raised £400, which she split between LCH and another animal charity. Thank you Jessie, for all your hard work, what an amazing thing to do!

Kelly of Messy Mutts Dog Groomers, Bodmin, held a raffle and photo shoot at her new premises, in aid of LCH. Great idea Kelly, thank you and good luck in your new place!

Cath Grummet at the Pumpkin Cafe, Truro Railway Station, got into the festive spirit with a Christmas Jumper Day fundraiser for the dogs, thank you Cath!

The Truro branch of Tesco hosted an information and awareness day for Last Chance Hotel just before Christmas; many thanks to the staff for their hospitality and to our own Claudine for spending the day there, chatting to people about our work.

Not forgetting the other animals in our care….A big thank you to those who have donated horse feed to us, very much appreciated by us and of course the horses!

A huge thank you to Hannah Du Plessis and Zoey Urch for attending the Victoria Market in Callington , and raising funds for LCH, thank you ladies!

Massive thanks to Diane Donohue who has made some fabulous mattresses for the dogs, absolutely beautiful! The rescue dogs now have a comfy place to snooze, thank you so much!

Pets at Home Pool and Bodmin are huge supporters of LCH and the Santa Paws Appeal held throughout December was a great success. Many thanks to the staff at both these branches for their consistent hospitality. The pic here shows Bodmin staff with their ‘thank you’ Christmas cake, baked specially by our very own Carla.

No, really, you shouldn't have......

Unwanted Christmas gifts? If Santa has delivered a gift that hasn’t exactly got you jumping for joy, then please consider dropping it into our Hub Shop in Redruth, or hanging on to it for our next online auction. We welcome any clothing, gift sets, knick knacks and the like, and you can feel totally guilt free because your unloved jumper will make someone else very happy, and you will be helping all the LCH animals at the same time!

The Hub Shop is situated at 83 Fore Street Redruth, and is open Mon-Sat 10am - 4pm. Join our Facebook Auction page: Last Chance Hotel Auction.

Did you Know?

Our Amazon Wishlist, by which you can purchase specific goodies and have them delivered to us, is a lovely way to send a present for our animals! The link will take you straight there for a browse of all sorts of goodies from toys and chews to harnesses, coats and lovely food.

There are also ways to help raise funds for us whilst you’re shopping online, which don’t cost you a penny. Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. Giveasyoulive is a similar scheme, with over 4000 retailers involved.

Like all charities, we depend almost entirely upon the generosity of our wonderful supporters. We have several ways in which monetary donations can be made: PayPal is easy and convenient for the many people who hold an account.

JustGiving provides another way of donating and also an opportunity for individuals to fundraise for us through sponsorship of a personal challenge. In addition, it allows us to claim back the Gift Aid part of the donation which can add vital pennies.

If neither of these methods are suitable, then we are more than happy to accept cheques if sent to our Treasurer, at the address given at the end of this email.

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. 


Two years ago today this little girl came into our lives, our first ever foster. I had been told that she was a very frightened girl, and difficult to get hold of because she would run away, which was a bit awkward because she needed ointment twice daily on her ear lesions! She was one of the five spaniels brought to the safety of Last Chance Hotel in November 2015. They had been used as breeding machines in a puppy farm. All were in a bad way, physically and mentally. Abbie had no idea of affection, trust, housetraining or walkies. But that was then…….She loves her walks, - thinks she is a working cocker now, - and is a much more relaxed and happy pooch, but still carries the physical and psychological scars of her past abuse.
It’s taken 2 years to get here, and you are still a ‘work in progress’, but I knew it was fate when I saw your photo on the LCH Rehome page Abbie, how could I resist you? Happy Gotcha Day little Miss Munchkin, may you have many many more. Love from all your family and grateful thanks to LCH for entrusting this beautiful girl to us. GC

Happy ‘Gotcha’ day Rogue, 3 years ago today we went to LCH Christmas Fayre and came home with you. It’s been a rollercoaster, but love you loads. JD

Happy Gotcha Day Jake, where have the last 3 years gone? KH

Happy Gotcha Day Lola! 3 years of hard work, but endless happiness have flown by. AR

Happy Gotcha Day Penny Poos!
How times flies! A whole year yet it’s feel like you’ve been with us forever!!
Thanks Last Chance Hotel for everything you did for Penny and all the other dogs you help rescue too! CG


Eric the Viking arrived almost nine months ago to live with me and my resident 11 year old dog Molly as my first ever foster. I had no experience of Eric’s breed but was reassured LCH would be available for support; they have been excellent. Going into the New Year I wanted to share Eric’s lovely story.
When Eric arrived he was so scared he would not come out of his crate except for toileting. Three days and nights later he emerged which was his first brave step of many. Eric the Viking was in the building and our lives would never be the same.
At first Eric was too unsure to sit with me preferring the distance of the stairs; now he likes to be around me and enjoys cuddles. He didn’t like to be left when I went out but with careful, kind measured progression Eric learned it was ok and safe to stay in. His skin was sore so I learned how to shower and groom his breed, courtesy of Google, and Eric learned to enjoy this with treats and gentle measured steps. He was terrified of my adult sons but with calm, persistent counter conditioning, as Carolyn Boyd the animal behaviourist taught me, he now loves them!

Playing for Eric was hard because he didn’t know what to do so I buried treats in torn up newspaper and Molly, being a lab showed him how to search for food. Eric, being a Spitz, soon learnt. We also used treats to familiarise him with a ball pool, play tunnel and paddling pool. The idea was the more things he tried the less surprised he would be when outdoors.
To teach Eric he was safe to play with another dog was hard. I went to YouTube to see what was ‘normal’ for his breed. Discovering Spitz are very vocal I learned their noises and got on all fours trying to emulate their play sounds being gentle but a little rough with him. He loved it. At the same time we had him learn basic commands and do play things alongside Balto (same aged PugX) originally on either side of a barrier. Truth is I don’t know what worked but suddenly after 6 months Eric realised Balto was not a threat and play fought him. The day that happened I cried. Eric was no longer alone being a dog. He had made a doggie friend.

But Eric has brought far more into our lives than us witnessing his improvement. Molly my old ex breeding, rescue bitch has also learned to play more freely as she watches Eric, Balto and me. Molly was too scared to bark. Molly barked out of excitement for the first time since living with me a few days ago. She is eleven! I was shocked! Eric taught her this. She now allows me to groom her happily, joins in with the simple command games and didn’t know how to dig to sort out her bedding but did it for the first time yesterday! All copied from Eric.
You cannot buy treasure like this; the riches of loving those that others haven’t cannot be counted. So thank you LCH for the privilege of being part of this and Happy New Year to everyone.

Emma, Molly and Eric the Viking.

Please note that Eric is not yet ready for re homing

Rainbow Bridge

Dearest Sasha, a beautiful girl who reached the grand age of 18, in the care of devoted foster mum Carla. Sasha was dumped by her owner 18 months ago, and was one of the lucky ones to find herself part of Carla’s oldies pack. Sasha loved her food, and was even bimbling around trying to pinch doggy mince pies on the morning of her departure to the Bridge. All our love goes to Carla who loved her so much, - Sasha never wanted for anything whilst in her care. RIP Sasha.

On the same day, Christmas Eve, Lucy Lou made the same journey. 2 years and 1 day previously, we got involved with this old lady, a collie dog who had a life so vile that we pulled her instantly. Her owner was parading her on the streets telling everyone what a horrible dog she was, supposedly aggressive. We took her in immediately and found help in a lovely lady called Lorraine Smith Roach who took her on unseen. 2 years and 1 day later she passed on and went to the Bridge, having had the best 2 years of her life... and not once had she shown even the littlest bit of aggression. Our hearts go out again to Lorraine and her fab family. Sasha, at least, has a travelling companion, old ladies should never travel alone…

Just after Christmas we lost little Jack.. after being poorly over Christmas and spending time at the emergency vets, he decided that he too wanted to join Sasha, Lucy Lou and all the other beautiful souls at the Bridge. Our hearts go out to Andrew Russell and his family for caring for him for the last 15 months and being with him until he took his last breath on this path. Safe travels little man. RIP Jack

Can you help?

Last Chance Hotel is urgently looking for a new place to rent, ideally a farm or smallholding, with approximately 4 acres of land, a small residential dwelling and outbuildings to use or convert for rescue purposes. Any condition will be considered, but it needs to be accessible, with electricity, running water and no nearby neighbours. We would like to stay in the Cornwall/ Devon area, but may consider further afield.
If you know of a suitable property, please get in touch with us: 01209 281159 or email info@lastchancehotel.org. Thank you.

Dates for your Diary

Sunday 11th February 10am until 4pm

Pencarrow, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 3AG

Snowdrop Sunday in aid of LCH. Entrance is by donation. The Peacock Cafe will be open for refreshments and dogs are welcome in the gardens. Come along and enjoy the snowdrops and beautiful gardens and help our animals at the same time! There will be a charity stall where you can meet some of the LCH team members.

Details of this event can be found on our website Events page.

Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog

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