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Magic Powder 2

Written by: Jeffrey Paul Louis Schiller
Art by: Daniele Aquilani
Cover by: Samuel Iwunze

Only available on Kickstarter... BUT Magic Powder 3 will be launching on that platform later this month HERE. No doubt you can catch up with them there.

Fantasy meets pulp.

Back in April this year I reviewed the previous issue and was pleasantly entertained by the premise: of using familiar settings but with supernatural creatures. I was intrigued by the concept of something 'magic' being equivalent to a crime story's 'illegal contraband.' In this case, it's the 'magic powder' so craved by the elves, dwarves, and other creatures that will spend great amounts of cash for.

The 'Dwarvfather' is in prison, as I witnessed from the previous issue. He was nabbed by the Thesz 'Knights' who look like elves. This hasn't stopped his operations one bit, as he comfortably operates everything within the walls of the dungeons of Thesz.

Magic Powder 2 begins its story with a scary oxen bull headed hit man unnamed thus far. He's contracted to kill six of the Dwarvfather's underlings, leaving the sixth one to tell the tale to the boss. His job is handily done (he get's five) and he walks on.

In another scene there's a hilariously violent card game that gets interrupted by the astrally projected dead body of one of their card mates. He materializes in the air above the table and lands with a big 'SLOMP.' Immediately everyone suspects each other of foul play and they proceed to try and murder each other.

It reads quick.

This was a very entertaining and colorful romp into fantasy meeting pulp crime. A very short read, but well balanced with the lightweight amount of material it's presenting. We are talking pulp after all, it can't get too complicated.

I'm feeling that this is something that will eventually work out as a more fulfilling read once the trade gets published. Until then I will continue to support Jeffery Schiller's Kickstarters until the story gets told!

Next Two Tuesdays:

Something my co-table sitter picked up at Long Beach Comic Con: Terrence Grace's four part police procedural The Locksmith. Lots of pages so it'll be spread apart for a few weeks.

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