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Ascension Day this Week!
This Thursday is an often-forgotten holiday in the church year.  Thursday is Ascension Day.  We celebrate Christ taking His rightful place of authority at the Right Hand of God the Father.  In a world that seems lost, confused, and full of suffering – We know who reigns! 
Pastor Pollock recorded an Ascension Day Service which will be available on our website to view this Thursday. 

Mini-Worship Services

  • You may only attend the service you signed up to attend.
  • Please do not enter the building more than 5 minutes before service.
  • Please wear a mask when entering the building.
  • Enter through Door #1 and Exit through Door #2.
  • The Narthex and Sanctuary are the only areas open to the public.
  • There is no time to visit inside the building. Please say hello outside.
  • You are doing a great job signing up online.  It is ok to see your name multiple times when you are signing up multiple people in your home.  We don’t need to know who each person is.  Our only concern is numbers.  You are doing a great job.  If you need help call the church office.
  • More services will be added soon.  We want everyone to have a chance to come who wants to over the course of a few weeks.

In 3 days of services we have had almost 140 people attend worship and receive the Lord’s Supper.  There are still spots available this week Wednesday and Thursday and next week Tuesday.  Additional services will be added at the end of the week.  Please call the church office if you need help signing up.  Remember a mask is required and please do not attend if you or anyone in your house has been sick.


Sunday Lord’s Supper with Worship

  • You Do Not need to sign up for this.
  • After attending online worship, you are free to drive to Immanuel to receive the Lord’s Supper.
  • Please enter church parking lot through back entrance (Concordia & 4th)
  • Pull up under the Canopy and stay in your car.
  • The driver or person getting the Sacrament from the pastor to distribute to others in the car must have a mask on. 
  • The Sacrament is for those baptized and instructed disciples of Immanuel who just attended online worship.  The Supper will be available until 11:30am.

About 120 people, after watching online worship Sunday morning “came up” to receive The Supper in their car by driving up under the canopy.  We will do this again Sunday.  Please remember to enter from the west and drivers please wear a mask.

Weekly Update

Small Groups Using the Building
Now that worship services for groups of 10 or less have begun, some people have asked about other groups meeting in the building (Bible Studies, prayer groups, and so on).  Under the state guidelines these groups are permitted to meet as a part of church activity.  However, before opening the building we want to make sure we have plans and procedures in place to for cleaning, scheduling, and communication.  We have begun this process and hope to move it along quickly.  We will let you know when we have plans in place.  Until then, please feel free to sign up for worship services and feel free to meet in your groups off campus according to your comfort level.  Remember, the church building is just a building.  You are the people of God.  You are the Church!
Pastor Campbell Update
Pastor Campbell was able to join us for our weekly staff meeting online this week.  As his schedule allows, he will be joining us more often as he and his family get ready for a late July transition to Immanuel.
Pastor Richard 1 Peter Bible Study on Zoom
Thursday at 1:00pm  
To join just click the link below at 1:00pm on Thursday
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 889 5626 1726
Password: ILC123

Neighbor Cards

Are you looking for a way to reach out to your neighbors who might be in need with the love of Christ?  Click the button below to get a simple card you can use to let your neighbor know you are there to help.

Please remember to wear a face mask when out helping people.

Neighbor Card

In Our Prayers

Deb Landmeier, Cathy Gaupp, Kiera Kozlowski, Linda Rogula, Bobbie Davis, Linda Dixon, Buck Hodge, Susan Trupp, Bob Schwarzkopf, Ernie & Gloria Mowers, Anne Wetzel, Lori Kublank, Ryker Campbell, Jimmy Bane, Charlene Hill, Brenda Douglas, Ilse Schmidt, Elaine Lundine, Those affected by the COVID 19 Virus. Pastor Campbell and Family and the St.Johns Lutheran Church Congregation

Deaths: Lois Knox and Barbara Copeland

Birthday: Mae Totz 90th birthday on May 26th

Submit Prayer Requests Here

Caring & Sharing – Stewardship in Difficult Financial Times

The Scriptures teach us to be First Fruits Percentage Givers.  That means we give according to what God has given us and we make those gifts a priority in our life.  This kind of Scriptural giving works when things are going well, and it works when things are not going well. 

If you are struggling financially then your percentage gift will automatically go down – no guilt, no shame, and no questions asked.  If that’s the case, we should be asking you, “How can we help.”  That’s the way it is supposed to work. 

However, if you have had no change in your current income, then we simply ask you to be faithful in your percentage giving.  God loves a cheerful giver and so we want to make it easy for you to give.  You, of course, can mail your offering to the church office, but we strongly encourage you to set up Electronic Giving through our website by clicking the link below.  Thank you for helping us Connect People to Christ for Life!

Give Online

We Care About You

How Can We Care For You?

If you are elderly or immuno-compromised we realize that you are the most vulnerable during this pandemic. If you need help with picking up a grocery order, prescription or other essential needs, we would like to help. Please click the link below and you will get a call to find out your needs.

Request Form

Bringing HOPE to Our Community

As a church, we are proactively responding to the impact that the COVID-19 virus has had on our church family and the community. Immanuel has established a COVID Relief Fund. This fund will be used to help those who are unemployed, provide food for the Boone County Food Pantries, and other needs that will be identified in the days ahead. Please prayerfully consider giving a financial gift to help us be the hands and feet of Jesus to our families and community.

Make sure to click the drop down tab where it says "Please direct my donation to" and then choose "COVID-19 Relief Fund"

Give to COVID Relief

This Weekends Scripture Readings

Click the buttons below to read this week's Scripture readings.

1 Peter 4:12-19, 5:6-11
John 17:1-11

There are multiple ways to watch our online worship this Sunday. You can click either button below.

The Facebook button will take you to our Immanuel Facebook page.  When we go live on Sunday, it will pop up. The other button will take you to our website which on the front page we have in bold to click for online worship. You can also see last weeks online service there too. 


Thank you all to have been worshiping with us online!

Last weeks Online Worship Numbers: 

Facebook: 448 & YouTube: 274


IRA Laws Have Changed – Is Your Plan Updated?

People are living longer, so IRA laws have changed. Recent changes by Congress impact IRAs and other qualified retirement plans?

Some changes that may impact you as of 2020:

· You can now contribute to your IRA at ANY age.

· Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) aren’t required now until you turn 72 (instead of 70 1/2).

· Inherited IRA's must be paid out within a maximum of 10 years, meaning loved ones could end up with bigger tax bills.

With this information in mind, it may be of benefit to contact Ray Pagels, our Christian Gift Planning Counselor at 847-226-2262 or See if creating a gift plan is right for you, your family, faith and financials.

Immanuel Lutheran School

Parade for 8th Grade

Our 8th graders did not get to celebrate the end of the year the way they would have liked.  This Thursday we will have closing chapel live online at 9:00am.  Later in the day Thursday beginning about 4:30pm in Immanuel’s parking lot, we will have a parade to celebrate our graduating 8th grade class.  Decorate your car, wave out your window, and blow your horn for our 8th grade class who will be spread out on the grass as you drive by.  No getting out of cars, but please feel free to drive by to show your appreciation.   

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