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Cybersecurity Newsletter - January 17, 2018

Virtual CISO – A New Role for Modern Business

Over the last several years, the rapid growth of technology has had a large impact in the daily operations of nearly every business. One of the many challenges associated with this growth has been the security and management of the technology that these businesses have become reliant on. As a result, the rise of jobs such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information office (CIO) have been prominent. There is, however, another solution for businesses to turn to in order to keep up with evolving tech trends – the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, or Virtual CISO. The Virtual CISO, often referred to as vCISO, is a third-party service that can manage a company’s cybersecurity needs and help keep it secure from the growing number of cyber threats that seek to harm businesses every day. The vCISO position can bring many benefits to a range of businesses. With the growing reliance on technology, it is important for all businesses to ensure the protection and privacy of the data they store for themselves and on behalf of their customers.


Hospital Computer System Held for Ransom, Bitcoin Demanded

The computer system at Hancock Regional Hospital in Indiana was hacked and held for ransom. Those behind the attack requested an unspecified amount of bitcoin and the hospital has not paid the ransom. The hack affected hospital's email system, electronic health records and internal operating systems, but did not affect patient information. 


67% of CISOs Believe a Cybersecurity Attack Will Happen in 2018

CISOs are increasingly concerned about the likelihood of falling victim to a cybersecurity attack, with 67% reporting that they think their organization will face that type of data breach in 2018, according to a recent survey. Conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Opus, the survey gathered responses of over 500 CISOs and other information security professionals. 70% of CISOs said that a lack of competent in-house staff was their top security threat, with 65% stating that “inadequate in-house expertise” was the top reason they would likely have a data breach.


Safeguarding Your Biggest Cybersecurity Target: Executives

Senior executives are among the favorite targets of malicious hackers and other bad actors, in part because they are more likely to hold valuable information — or have a high level of access to such data. That’s why it’s so important for organizations to make sure C-level officers and other top executives are adhering to the strictest data protection standards and are using appropriate security technologies whenever possible, including when they travel to high-risk locations. 

Here are some steps organizations can take to protect executives and their immediate associates from being the entry point into a major security breach.


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