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this month's newsletter has been entrusted to me, Elena.

As some may already know, and as mentioned in Laura's last newsletter, I am in Brazil, specifically now in Bahia.

Responding to Laura about arranging my luggage, I was amazed at the fact that my one-month (37 days!) luggage in Brazil is almost identical to 5-day one in a warm place.

The idea was to write to you from here so I could elaborate on some of the things that impressed me but I guess I can't do that yet. I need to go back home and let it all settle a bit.

So instead I have decided that I would like to talk about TRAVELLING.

Taking this trip of mine as a pretext, I thought back to my travels, how I travel, how I like to travel, and why I do it.

And this led me to think, in a more general way, about the various types of "travelers" (you know, a flaw of mine is categorizing!).

There are those who like to travel alone, those who like to travel in groups.

Those who plan the whole trip in advance, those who like chance and day-to-day organization.

Those who want maximum comfort, those who adapt.

Those who travel light and those who take everything with them - just in case they need it.

Those who tend to travel to farther and newer places, those who prefer to return to the same, more familiar ones.

Those who travel frequently and lightly, those who find it tiring and get stressed easily.

Those who keep a diary, those who take a thousand photographs, those who do not want to keep track of anything.

Those who move by public transportation, those who walk (if they can), those who bike, those who take taxis, and those who rent a car, to be as independent as possible.

Those who travel out of curiosity, those who travel for work, those who travel to get to know themselves, those who travel to learn about new cultures/foods/landscapes/languages, and those who travel to visit friends or family.

Those who want to try all the typical foods, those who make their own sandwiches at home.


I find it funny how my background as an architect is still present when I travel. I surprise myself by seeing how I move and where I go. The idea of going to see houses, architecture, squares, museums is fulfilling in itself.Then there are the parks (especially here in Brazil!) and the typical food (here in Brazil especially the fruit).

I have not taken a pure pleasure trip in a long time. And this trip is unstressed because I am in the hands of my native guide, Antonio, who takes care of me.

Recent trips, besides India ten years ago, were all to Europe and often with good reason. Justified. Even just to visit a friend.

But since I moved to live in Topolò I have realized that taking a trip feels more tiring, because it requires more organization in terms of logistics, than when I lived in the city.

Topoló holds you to itself.

I miss the slow time of Topoló, the care in things (the plants, the cats, the garden), the arrival of spring (even though I know it is still cold there). The routine.

I feel that the way I am, travel should remain an exception, happening from time to time in my life. That it detaches me from Topolò but at the same time binds me to Topolò. So for me, travelling is an excuse to come back.

What about you?

What kind of traveler are you?

Where did you last go and what is your next destination?

Where do you dream of going?


a greeting from Chapada Diamantina,


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End of April and beginning of May

  • on April 20 Rosario Talevi will visit us again 
  • on April 21 yoichi will finish his residence in Topolò 
  • from 27.04 to 01.05 new inhabitants in Topolò: bees! 🐝 Workshop Village as Ecological with Erika Mayr e Rosario Talevi 
  • on April 29, Izba day: collective re-opening of Izba after the winter season 
  • on May 14, presentation of Robida collective in Chiasso at Spazio Lampo, for the festival Chiasso Letteraria


We have postponed the Robida 9 “Suolo-Soil-Prst” open call deadline until April 30. You have no excuse to "be late" :)

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