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Greetings Subscribers!

First, I want to say thanks for letting me drop in on you every week! I know we are all super busy and opening emails takes up a lot of time, so I want to thank you for allowing me to make the cut. It is  truly an honor.  <3

That said, i was wondering how I can make this experience better for you. Do you have any suggestions? If there is ever something you want more or less of, email me and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

Now, have you all met my Dire Wolves yet? What are you waiting for? Shake That Sass, my brand new addition to Milly Taiden's Sassy Ever After world is out now and on KU. You can start reading Derrick and Lucy's tale today!

In case you missed it, Hearts & Bite Marks: A Valentine's Anthology  is also live and available now on KU! The subject line today is a little edited snippet from my brand new Macconwood Pack Tale that is featured in this set. Find out what happens when Jordan Feral, the bartender from The Dragon's Valentine, meets his mate in a sassy little Witch named Isadora Hazel. Sparks and spells fly in this sexy HEA tale!

Now, I promised you all a suprise announcement, scroll down to find out what it is. 

I've also gone ahead and collected some awesome authors for you to peruse below. Who knows, you might find your next favorite. ;-)

Happy Reading.

del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Click here for Hearts & Bite Marks: A Valentine's Anthology

***Purely Paranormal Pleasures Announcement**

You've all heard of Purely Paranormal Pleasures right?

Well, if you haven't yet, allow me to introduce you...

Purely Paranormal Pleasures will transport you into the realm of sensuous, spellbinding Alphas and their captivating mates. There are no rules....only pure pleasure.

These tales are delivered up by 3 master MAVENS of paranormal P. Mattern, C.D. Gorri, and Amanda Kimberley.

​And now, for the first time ever, we are bringing you 3 boxed sets of our 2019 PPP tales coming soon (available WIDE)! 

Look for Destined Mates by C.D. Gorri and get all 4 of my 2019 Purely Paranormal Pleasures releases in one beautifully formatted (thanks to Amanda Kimberley) boxed set! <3

You will get Marked By The Devil, Mated to the Dragon King, Claimed by the Demon, and Christmas with a Devil, a Dragon King, & a Demon all in one book! 

*Available wide!

And now, more of what you love. You guessed it...BOOKS!
Lara: Drgaon Clan (Dragon Clan Book 5) by Skye Jones

Lara has always lived on the edge of Dragon society. She harbors a terrible secret; one she knows might get her excommunicated if it is ever revealed...

Click Here
Dracones Awakening: Cursed and Hunted; Dark Immortal Dragons by Sheri-Lynn Marean

They've been betrayed. Two fallen angels are dead, and Tierney’s father is missing.

Click Here
Protecting the Babysitter: A Billionaire Alpha Male Romance by Nikki Bloom

The babysitter and the billionaire...
Sounds like an unlikely pair, doesn’t it?
It sounds more like a fairy tale than anything else,
A fairytale that can only end in disaster.

Click Here
featuring Foster by C.D. Gorri
Dark Moon Falls Volume 2

A sleepy town, a wolf pack, a witch's coven and 15 brand new standalone stories of romance that will thrill, dazzle and delight you.

Click Here
Psion Factor (Aledan Series Book 4) by Christine Myers

The story opens with the introduction of Captain Otian and his crew, forced to land on the backwater planet of Oltarin because of a blown star drive with no funds to replace it..

Click Here
Twisted Fate by Jessi Elliott

Being kidnapped by the leader of the fae really puts a dent in your senior year.

Click Here
Coven of Secrets (The Bayshore Witch Legacy Book 1) by C. J. Beaumont

A broken witch. A missing sister. A grisly murder.

Click Here
Cursed Luck (The Goddess of Fate & Destiny Book 1) by Serenity Ackles

The fate of an unknown world lies inside her…

Click Here
His Talent: Auckland Steampunk First Class 2 by Barbara Russell

Auckland, 1859
Alexandra Greystone is a Supernatural. The power of deduction is her gift . . . and her curse...

Click Here
Darkness Rising by Multiple Authors

Few can survive the rising dark.

Join unimaginable paranormal creatures in epic battles or enjoy a heart-stopping romance that will take your breath away.

Click Here
Shake That Sass by C.D. Gorri

He’s an Alpha looking for a home. She’s an outsider with no one to call her own. Can they find what they’re searching for in each other?

Click Here
Vampire Lover by C.D. Gorri

Terrence Davies never dreamed he’d be worthy of finding his true mate, then Daisy moves in. Is the sexy normal ready for a Vampire lover?

Click Here
Blue Moon by P. Mattern and L. Gauthier
Click Here
The Pride Within by Amanda Kimberley
Click Here
Polar Outbreak: The Barvale Clan Tales #2 by C.D. Gorri

Click Here
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