DrJoyCoaching Newsletter, vol. 19

May/June, 2022

Hello from Covid Isolation!  

I was in Aruba around this time last month, connecting with women physicians just like you, at the Women Physicians Wellness Conference 2022.  It was a wonderful chance to meet and socialize with inspiring women I'd only met in online circles! We enjoyed the hospitality of the island, and the warm breezes (ahem, winds) of Aruba, along with the insightful and educational conference presentations, all focused on the wellness of women physicians. We did a workout with Dr. Ali Novitsky each morning, and a meditation with Dr. Margaret Smith each mid-day. We had a dinner on the beach where we giggled and laughed (and drank, of course) and enjoyed the beautiful sunset amongst new friends. 

I gave a presentation entitled "Stress-regulating Strategies for the Busy Physician" which focused on ways to decrease the effects of chronic stress and sympathetic overdrive on our bodies and minds.  Between the Covid pandemic's impact on our jobs, our families and our home lives, mass shootings, and the politicizing of women's choice, we all can use some tools to down-regulate the sympathetic and up-regulate the parasympathetic "rest and digest" response. This is what HeartMath can do, using a technique called Quick Coherence. (If you're interested in learning more, I would love to teach you.) 

 But re-entry was hard. A long trip back from Aruba, a graduation ceremony a 3 1/2 hour drive away, and an early morning call from our daughter who had a fender-bender while preparing to drive home from Orange County.  So what else could happen? Well, Covid happened. 

Yes, I'm vaccinated and doubly boosted. But it got me--not sure how or where. I am writing this from my hotel, where I am isolating away from my husband and daughter (yes, she flew home), because they leave tomorrow on a long-awaited, Covid-delayed dive trip to Fiji that was supposed to happen in June of 2020. Thank goodness I was never planning to go with them! 

So, I am catching up on sleep, Netflix and MOC while holing up by myself. Thinking about what food I'm going to order for dinner. 

 I must say, I am finding the silver lining, the bright side, the gift and opportunity here. I will go home tomorrow to say goodbye to them (masked, of course) and then have 10 days of more peace and quiet, with just me and the dog. 

Be well, and don't forget to breathe... (and try not to get Covid).  

And if you'd like to experience WPW for yourself, there's a stateside 3-day conference August 5-7, 2022. You can use this LINK to register. 


P. S. Please feel free to check out my website www.DrJoyCoaching.net, and follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram (@DrJoyCoaching). Also, if you know other women physicians who could use these tips, please forward this email!  And if you're interested in coaching, please reply to this email. 

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