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Spoke at Canada's largest tech and innovation conference!

I spoke at Elevate tech festival about the future of personalized medicine and Genis, a gene sequencing start-up started by Samarth and I in which we are leveraging nanotechnology and quantum physics to sequence DNA much more effectively than current methods. Had an amazing time networking and even got to meet John Tory, Navdeep Bains, Al Gore and many more. Looking forward to the video coming out soon!

Article on the most devastating disease.

I wrote an article about what breast cancer is, the different types, how genetics affects this disease, ways to treat this deadly sickness, and why current methods aren't working. Click the button below to go to the article.

Finished course on breast cancer.

This month I completed my second course on cancer but this one was more specialized into breast cancer. Specifically how it kill patients, ways to treat it, risk factors and much more.    Click here to go to it!

Click here to look at the breast cancer article!

What's Next?

For next month I will speaking at the biohacker summit at the Metro Convention Centre about the future of medication and me and Samarth's gene sequencing start-up! Am also actively trying to gain lab access regarding Genis and will be researching deeper into cancer. Check out speakers here!