Our latest report revealed that about 470 people - including a 30% we estimate we don't know about - have visited every country. Meanwhile, just 73 individuals have completed the Explorers’ Grand Slam, which includes climbing the Seven Summits and reaching both the South and North Poles. 

Yet, there may be only one person who claims to have accomplished it all, earning the title of the Ultimate Explorers' Grand Slam.

Meet Johnny Ward, the man behind OneStep4Ward.com blog.

In our latest interview Johnny tells us about his humble beginnings and proves that one doesn't have to come from a certain background to explore the world and achieve great things! Read the full story here

New Events Calendar

We’re excited to introduce a new addition to our website – the Events Calendar! The two upcoming events are NomadMania meetings in San Francisco (March 1st) and Shanghai (March 9th).

This is your go-to resource for finding and keeping track of exciting events within the global travel community. From local gatherings to international travel festivals and conferences, make sure you never miss out! 

Series Updates

Our Series section has recently been updated with even more elements to fuel your travel curiosity! We're reminding you of our new Series on Museums - Decorative Arts, Design and Fashion, which now boasts considerably more elements, including gems like Ho Chi Minh's Ao Dai Museum and Museu Udo Knoff de Azulejaria e Cerâmica of Salvador, Brazil.

We've also expanded our Museums - Religious and Museums - Art Museums series. Explore these enriching collections and let the world of museums inspire your next journey. 

As Seen On...

NomadMania was featured again in the DailyDrop Newsletter! This time with our Ultimate Report on People Who  Visited every  Country.

This recognition highlights our commitment to offering in-depth, unique travel content that caters to explorers of all types. Join over 1 million adventurers who read Daily Drop's daily updates on travel hacks!

New DARE: Spotlight on Catalina Island

This week, we spotlight new DARE destinations in Southern North America, showcasing that adventure can range from the challenging to the comfortably accessible. Let’s zoom in on Santa Catalina Island.

Just a stone's throw away from the Southern California coast, Catalina Island is a paradise waiting to be explored! Swaying palms, white-sand beaches, and sunsets that look like they've been painted onto the horizon. 

And guess what - this is easy to get to and very popular. While DARE is designed to ... dare you, around 10% of the entries are within the parameters of the list - islands, extremes etc. - but very easy to complete!

It highlights the diversity of the DARE list – truly something for everyone! Other DARE Places added this week are:


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