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Prosecco not required

I was at a networking event this week (unusual, I know).

It was run by those nice people at Bottomline Technologies. It was held at the same swanky location as our Emerging Payments Awards this Thursday, the Intercontinental O2. I left feeling particularly mellow.

This may have had something to do with the copious quantities of Prosecco I enjoyed. But there was something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Maybe it was the in depth conversation I had about the material and life-changing damage being caused by fraud on consumers up and down the land, and what we are going to do about it.

It could have been the enthusiastic conversations about our DIT-supported trade mission to Asia, building a bridge between payments people in the developed and developing world.

Or maybe it was the excited conversations about the payments-related transformations expected under ‘open banking’, that we are exploring in our forthcoming syndicated white paper*.

It could have been the sense that the collective voice of the EPA is being heard and listened to by the people that matter.

But then I realised that, while all these things make payments an amazing place to work, the most wonderful thing about payments is the people whose hands I shook, whose jokes I enjoyed and whose ambitions I shared.

There are few industries in which the people involved are genuinely here for each other. People who are truly concerned about this community they have created and the journey we are on to create a better world through payments.

So when you head out today, talking and meeting other passionate payments people, remember that you are part of something significant and world-changing.

It’s the natural fizz of the payments industry. And prosecco is not required.

Tony Craddock
Director General
Emerging Payments Association

* For more information on joining our White Paper Syndicate, Banking on Open Payments, contact alan.smith@emergingpayments.org

Emerging Payments Awards 2019

Are you ready for the Emerging Payments Awards 2019 on October 3rd? Is your collar starched, your dress steamed and (maybe!) your reaction to winning an award practised? 

If you have any enquiries or last minute changes for your reservation, please contact us on enquiries@emergingpaymentsawards.com

Welcome to the EPA

We would like to welcome to our newest Patron and the following Members to the EPA community this month.



Protean Risk Limited






Events update


Due to the Emerging Payments Awards this week, the next EP@Home will be in November.

EP@Home is our exclusive member-networking event; a chance to get together and catch up on the hot topics of the industry, mingle with like minded payment professionals whilst enjoying complimentary drinks and canapes. Join us on Tuesday 5th November at The Fable from 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Register now*
Chargebacks 911 Hot Topic Briefing

Join EPA Benefactor, Chargebacks911, on 10th October from 2pm until 5pm for a Hot Topic Briefing on the myths and realities, as well as the future of chargebacks. Hear from a panel of industry speakers, who will identify the issues they encounter, from that initial call with the customer to raise a chargeback to the newly introduced SCA and everything in between. 

Register now*

* EPA members are entitled to two tickets for EPA events, three tickets per Patrons, four tickets per Benefactor

Project Updates

Representatives from Project Financial Crime met with the Joint Fraud Task Force Stakeholder Group at Cifas providing the EPA perspective on how we can continue to address the problems of fraud and money laundering.
Thanks to our Benefactor, Refinitiv.

The Project Futures workshop benefitted from 20 members exploring the future of real-time payments. The next workshop is on December 10th and is looking at Combatting siloed thinking in fighting financial crime. Let us know if you want to participate.
Thanks to our Benefactor, FICO.

Project Inclusion is supporting the establishment of a new not-for-profit Community Interest company dedicated to addressing the financial exclusion challenge.
Thanks to our Benefactor, Mastercard.

Project International Trade is planning to run a Trade Mission to Asia, supported by the Department International Trade, to Singapore and Hong Kong in March 2020.
Thanks to our Benefactor, Global Processing Services.

Project Transaction Insights' published research, The Impact of Issuer Declines on Payments, found that 74% of issuers said they would be ready by the 14th September from a compliance standpoint, but that they would not be operationally ready. This has helped to persuade the FCA to postpone the implementation date of its enforcement under SCA by 18 months.  
Thanks to our Benefactor, The Chargeback Company.

Project Women in PayTech's whitepaper, Women in Changing Times – supported by a syndicate of payments organisations and led by Visa, has been mentioned by FinExtra, Fintech Times, and others, highlighting the importance of this piece of research.
Thanks to our Benefactor, Visa.

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