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Monthly Newsletter
June 2020
News from the Network
JOIN Annual General Meeting

Due to exceptional circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, a formal Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held online on Friday, 12th June. After a summary of the activities of the network by our Chairman and comprehensive financial information by our Vice-Chairman, all delegates warmly approved the application of St John Malta to become a member of JOIN. If circumstances permit, we hope to keep organising the meeting planned in Cyprus from 23rd to 25th October 2020. A final decision will be taken in August (latest). Continue reading

St John Malta becomes newest member of the JOIN network

As a result from this year’s AGM we warmly welcome St John Malta to the JOIN Family. St John Association, founded in 1882, is a voluntary, humanitarian organisation working across the Maltese Islands to provide quality First Aid training together with First Aid and rescue services. The organisation branched into the St John Training that offers First Aid Training for public, companies and external entities, the St John Ambulance focused on First Aid and nursing, and the St John Rescue Corps that provides thoroughly trained and organised volunteer rescuers.

Johannita Hungary plants trees from Johanniter Germany

Johannita Hungary received 400 fruit tree seedlings from Johanniter Germany. The trees arrived at our Hungarian member in June and were distributed by them with the support of the Rákospalota-Old Town Reformed Church. The apple, plum and pear trees will be planted by the locals. This cooperation between our German and Hungarian members is already an annual event in which fruit trees are planted in Ormánság with the help of both Johanniter organisations and their partners.

News from the Members
Sweden: new website of the Swedish Johanniter Order

The Swedish Johanniter Order launched their new website. The page includes a section on the international connections of the Order representing JOIN and our members. Have a look and read about the main activities, the history of the Order and the latest news (in Swedish) here.

England: numerous buildings lit up in green for St John’s Day

In a touching tribute to the lifesaving work of St John, numerous buildings across England lit up in green for St John’s Day. See the photos of famous cathedrals and landmark buildings lit up in the colour of the uniforms of our English member in honour of their commitment here.

News from Europe
Pledging summit raises € 15,9 billion for universal access to coronavirus measures

During the ‘Global Goal: Unite for our Future' Summit on 27th June, President Ursula von der Leyen announced a new pledge of €4.9 billion in partnership with the European Investment Bank, for universal access to coronavirus vaccines, tests and treatments. This brings the funding under the Coronavirus Global Response, since 4th May to almost €16 billion. The amount includes €485 million committed by EU Member States.

JOIN Office meets with other NGOs to discuss EU actions concerning young people

On Tuesday, 30th June, the JOIN Office met online with other NGOs to talk about the EU's efforts pertaining to young people. This monthly meeting is organised and hosted by the Evangelical Church Germany (EKD) in Brussels. Points of the discussion were the negotiations of the Multiannual Financial Framework, the  impacts of COVID-19 and new implication for the ERASMUS+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps as well as the Youth Guarantee for employment or training.

European Projects
Video on First Aid in sign language

In the frame of the project EUinAid, the JOIN Office released a video on First Aid in International Sign Language. The video covers basic First Aid such as how to report an emergency, how to perform an emergency check, instructions for the Recovery Position, how to perform CPR, the Heimlich-manoeuvre and what to keep in mind when treating injuries. Watch the video here.

Workshop on data protection

In the frame of the project, the JOIN Office launched the first online workshop on data protection in healthcare. In this field, especially the handling of patient data is a highly sensitive area. For this reason, there are separate provisions for the protection of patient data. The workshop is held in German and serves to raise awareness and addresses data security from the perspective of health personnel with a focus on emergency services and patient transport. Continue reading

Webinar on triage led by St John medical doctors

On Tuesday, 23th June, JOIN held the third edition of the iProcureSecurity webinar series. The four speakers (Dr Paul Hunt, Dr Andreas Tanos, Dr Henrik Antell und Dr Trevor Abela Fiorentino), all members of the JOIN Clinical group, presented information on how Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organisations across Europe perform triage and treat patients at major emergency incidents. They shed light on related challenges and gaps according to their experience, respectively in the UK, Cyprus, Finland and Malta. Find the workshops here.

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