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Weekly Newsletter
May 16, 2020

Opening Up to New Life

Greeting: May the God of peace make you whole and holy, may you be kept safe in body, heart, and mind, and thus ready for the presence. God has called you and will not fail you.' (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

 I am leaving you with a gift- peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.  John 14: 27

We are about to enter a new phase in our life as a church community - coming back together.  The edict to separate came quickly and we didn't have time to plan so had to adapt on the fly. Although we do have some time to plan coming back together, things will not look the same as they did before COVID-19.  Jesus knew, in his final discourse to his disciples, that things would be different for them when He was gone so He wanted to reassure them that there was still a center to hold onto.  We are working to make our coming back together safe and respectful and it will look different.  We will still be offering live streaming which means the worship space will look different.  There will be folks who  may not join us for awhile so the pews won't be so full.  And there will be space between where we sit and a lack of hugs and handshakes.  We won't start Sunday School for a while and we won't have a community coffee pot in the narthex.  But even with all those changes, God is going to continue to give us peace of mind and heart as we navigate what it means to be church  in this new phase of life.  Christ is our leader in life's constant changes and we rest in His peace as we go o our way.  Peace be with you. Amen. 

    Growing our Online Presence

    When we were asked to shut down public worship, Bryan, Denise and Reece Sartain jumped in to make online worship a possibility.  As the weeks wore on, Bryan constantly sought new ways to bring a good online worship to our community. But we have battled with inadequate equipment and lack of trained volunteers.  So we are seeking to grow our presence by finding folks who can help with the process.  We need to upgrade some equipment and we need to train people to run the equipment.  Bryan has agreed to stay on through the end of June. Bryan, Shannon Slater and Stephanie Porter will work Pastor Cindy in putting together a plan for a continued online presence.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Pastor Cindy.  And may God guide our efforts to reach out with a message of hope and grace in their troubled times.  

    Join us for Worship

    This Sunday,  join us by clicking below:

    and it will take you to our page.   When it asks you to sign in just X out or say NOT NOW and you can scroll down and find the video, which should be near the top of the page. If you have any announcements or prayers, please email to Pastor CIndy at or text her at 903-213-3796. .  Below is the Order of Worship: 

    Eastertide May 17

    Prelude – Christ is Alive #318

    Call to Worship:

    One: Jesus taught us to be of one mind and heart.

    Many: Jesus taught us to hold everything in common.

    One: Jesus taught us to hold justice in common until we are all free.

    Many: Jesus taught us to hold peace in common until we are all released from fear.

    One: Jesus taught us to hold all possessions in common until there is no more need for anyone.

    Many: Jesus taught us to do this. Here. Today.

    Hymn: Ask Ye What Great Thing I know #163 vs. 1,4

    Joys and Concerns

    Pastoral Prayer

    Lord’s Prayer

    Near to the Heart of God #472, vs. 1,2

    Prayers of the People:

    Be present in our midst this morning, Holy Jesus. As you appeared to the disciples, help each of us recognize this morning where you have walked with us over the course of our lives. Give us eyes to see and faith to trust that you are our risen, living God, faithful to your people, using us to be your witnesses and stirring us to be your hands and feet in the world. Amen


    Doxology #94

    Scripture Reading: : John 14: 23-29

    Children’s Time: This is Where Children belong

    Sermon: What Comes Next?

    Lift High the Cross #159 vs. 1,4

    *Congregational Benediction:

    One: Sisters and Brothers, let us claim the treasures that Christ holds out to us, let us claim the freedom he gives us by his own self giving on the cross.

    All: May he enable us to live and serve in faith, hope and love.

    One: Let us, in times of joy and in times of sorrow, celebrate the goodness of God. Let us go in Peace.

    All: Thanks be to God. Amen

    Sending Forth: Christ is Alive

    We will continue welcoming donations mailed to PO Box 492, Pilot Point, Tx 76258
    Online Donations Now Available
    Women's Group Continues to Deepen Spiritual Practices and Personal Connections

    We will continue to meet for the next 3 Tuesdays at 10 am via ZOOM and hope to schedule an in person meeting in mid June.  Watch for details. 

    We are happy to announce that graduation will take place for our seniors at the Texas Motor Speedway on May 21.  I also understand there may be  parade of seniors that will take the same routs as the teacher's parades that happened this week. Keep up to date on the city or school district facebook page.

      Canned Food Drive or Monetary donations continue to be needed. You can deliver to the Shepherd's Storehouse Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8 am and 12 pm

      Weekly Scriptures Eastertide - Pentecost

      May 17: John 14: 23-29

      May 24:  Ascension Sunday, Acts 1: 1-11

      May 31:  Pentecost Sunday, Acts 2: 1-21

      April and May Birthdays

      Many apologies to April folks.  I misplaced the birthday list so I am inviting belated birthday wishes for those folks who celebrated in April.

      April 5 - Will Stewart

      April 6- Sharon Purcell

      April 26 - CJ Hilliard                        April 28 - Rene Scott Hilliard

      April 28 - Steve Messman               April 29 - Jim Porter

      April 30 - Robin Young                    April 30 - Paige Sartain

      May Birthdays

      May 7 - Jenna Vawter                     May 10 - Denise Sartain

      May 19 - Gene Davis                       May 21 - Betty Gill

      May 21 - Hallie Sewell                     May 26 - Lucette Beall   

      Prayers We ask that you spend a few minutes each day in prayer for these and others that you know of that need strength and help.

      Continued prayers for Dorothy Davis's grandson Jackson as he battles cancer.

      Prayers for Donna O'dell who suffered a fall this week. She is at home recovering. 

      Prayers for the Jan Blow and her family. Her grandson was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease which they now know has effect many other family members.  The good news is that doctors can keep an eye on the progression and treat it. Jan is also dealing with a bad back and is currently caring for her 7 month old grandson while his parents go back to work.  . 

      Note:  Our prayer group keeps a list of all prayers brought to the church's attention. So, although the entire list does not appear in this newsletter, once prayers are listed here, those prayers are continued with our prayer group.  So please keep those folks in our prayers as they pray for us:  Marilyn Self, Patsy Holstein, Sharon Flannery, Lee Millikin, Janie Elmore and Pastor Cindy.  If you would be interested in joining us, please contact Pastor Cindy for how to do that.  

      Around Pilot Point FUMC
      • Youth Ministry Calendar - Click Here
      • Choir Practice -Watch your email for next meeting time.
      • Prayer Group -  Next meeting TBA 
      • Super SeniorsWatch your email for next meeting time. 
      • Yoga,  Watch for next meeting time. 
      • Women's Spirituality Study meets Tuesdaya,  at 10 am via ZOOM.  Please Contract Bonnie Ambrose at 214-435-5999 or to join us.  
      Any Announcement or Prayers to Share?

      If you have any announcement you want to share, please send it to our church ( or
      For confidential prayer request or if you would like a call from the pastor, you can send it directly to Pastor Cindy Kennedy at (

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